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Last year we documented a group of travel agents from Brazil’s first trip to China. It was such a memorable experience that they made a video of their time in Xi’an that was aired on the World Travel Channel in Brazil. Read about there time in Xi’an here and scroll to the bottom to watch their fun video.

After a few days in Beijing, the group from Brazil traveled to China’s ancient capital in Xi’an. Check out everything they managed to pack into their two days there.


Taking a leisurely bike ride along Xi’an’s ancient city wall.

terracotta warriors

A first time look at Xi’an’s main attraction: The Terracotta Warriors.


And just nearby, about 10 minutes away from the Terracotta Warriors, is the Daqing Xiaoai restaurant. A place that provides great food and and a delightful experience- including Chinese costumes!

costume group posed

The whole group, getting into character.


Looking great, and ready for lunch!


Enjoying some delicious appetizers.

stele forest

Outside the entrance of the Stele Forest – a fascinating park filled with examples of stone-carved calligraphy.


Private class with a calligraphy master.


Starting out with the basics: 1, 2, 3.


And, advancing quickly!


Check back soon for more on this group’s journey through China’s classic attractions. Next stop? Guilin!

Since returning home, the team made a video to remember all their experiences in Xi’an. Check it out here:

Interested in planning your own Xi’an journey? Check our itinerary Xi’an: Warriors and Emperors.

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