How do I get a Bhutan Visa?

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Now that you’ve been hearing a bit about this beautiful country hidden away just west of China, let us answer some of the most common Bhutan travel questions:

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How do you get a Bhutan Visa?

Besides residents of India, all foreign visitors will need to apply for a Bhutan tourist visa. For the time being independent travelers cannot directly apply for visas; everyone must apply through travel agencies. But don’t worry, this this does not mean you can only go with a large tour group. You’ll travel the WildChina way, with a customized itinerary, a private driver and tour guides.

Once you’ve made your travel plans with WildChina, we will process the visa application for you. You won’t need to submit your passport, just a photocopy. And the visa will come to you as an e-file to print prior to your departure. Have it with you as you arrive at the airport.

Here are all the details:

  • – It usually takes about 10 working days for the Bhutan visa application, but please apply 3 to 4 weeks ahead of time.
  • – The visa is usually valid for 7 to 10 days, based on your flight bookings.
  • – We will apply for the client’s Bhutan visa after the full tour payment is received and will require the following:
    • Scanned Passport Copy sent via email. Photo must be clear. Passport should be valid for at least 6 months after your planned date of departure from Bhutan.


How do you get to Bhutan?

There are only few places from which you can fly directly to Bhutan including Bangkok, Singapore, New Delhi and Kathmandu. All visitors will have to pass through one of these cities and transfer to the only airport in Bhutan, Paro.

There are two airlines that fly into Bhutan: Druk Air or Bhutan Airlines. Druk Air is a state-owned airline and Bhutan Airlines is a fairly new private-owned airline. Both airlines operate Airbus 319’s, with six seats per row in the economy cabin. You will start to experience the warmth of Bhutanese hospitality right when you board either of these airlines.

If you depart from Beijing or Shanghai after traveling with us in China, we recommend an overnight transfer in Bangkok. The Novotel hotel in the airport has some of the best Thai food and a spa to help you to get well-rested before your 6:50 flight the next morning.

Depending on your travel plans, we’ll help you choose the best transfer option. WildChina will handle the Druk Air or Bhutan Airlines flight bookings for you and we advise you to keep a 24 hour connection time between Druk Air or Bhutan Airlines and your International flights, in case of unforeseen delays.

Waterfall 3And now that you know how to get your Bhutan visa and flights…

When is the best time to visit?

The most popular times to visit Bhutan tend to be the Spring months of March, April, and May and the Autumn months of September, October, and November because the weather is more mild and many of the largest festivals take place during these months. In the autumn the skies are clear and blue, affording views of the high Himalayas. Autumn is also the time of year when the black-necked cranes migrate to Bhutan.

The downside of traveling during these peak months is that there are more tourists, and Druk Air reservations need to be made well in advance to ensure availability. The upside of traveling during the off-peak months is that reservations are easier to secure, and there will be fewer tourists around. Bhutan is spectacular any time of the year, and your trip will be a great adventure no matter when you decide to visit!

Have more Bhutan travel questions? Take a look at a Bhutan itinerary or contact a WildChina travel designer:


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