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As part of this year’s WildChina Explorer Grant competition, we wanted to highlight the impact travel photography can have in creating change throughout our increasingly visual world. Every WildChina Explorer Grant applicant had the chance to submit 5 of their own travel photos and we partnered with The RPS, a worldwide society that promotes photography and supports photographers in realizing their potential, to offer an amazing prize.

Dr. Michael Pritchard FRPS, the Director-General of the Royal Photographic Society, and a widely respected authority on the history of photography judged this award and he has chosen a winner.


And the winner is…Dongrui Yu!

Rum`s photo  - RPS Winner

Dr. Michael Pritchard: “This photographer has captured the wonder of the stars while retaining a link to the Earth’s landscape and to man. The use of the flare to provide illumination also has a double meaning, becoming a star in its own right. This is both a technically accomplished and thoughtful image.”

The Prize: Rum will receive a cash prize of £250, a one year membership to the Royal Photographic Society, a portfolio critique and advice from a society distinction panel member regarding the work’s suitability for a Society distinction, and the publication of the winning photograph in an RPS Journal.

Dr Michael Pritchard was also highly impressed with the following 2 photos and wanted to highlight them as close runners’ up:

2nd Place: Photo by Irina Muschik

Irina photo RPS - 2nd place

Dr. Michael Pritchard: “The subtle lighting has been caught wonderfully well by Irina Muschik creating an other-worldy feeling of this lake and structures.”

3rd Place: China’s Grand Canal. Photo by Danielle Sumita

China's Grand Canal - RPS 3rd

Dr. Michael Pritchard: “Exploring the Earth is not just about beautiful landscapes: man’s impact is often visible. This image, taken by Danielle Sumita, highlights the impact of man on the environment.”

Find out more about The RPS and share your photography with the world by joining the society today.

The WildChina Explorer Grant was established in 2011 to enable other dreamers and explorers to embark on the same path that allowed us to share our exploration philosophy with the world. Through the WildChina Explorer Grant we hope to find adventurers who aspire to make an impact through exploration. Explorers who will join us in breaking new frontiers, and who dare to challenge the unknown.

Applications for the WildChina Explorer Grant 2016 have now closed. For more information on how to apply for next year’s grant email