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Sometimes you’re in the mood for an epic adventure across foreign lands, but other days you’re just looking for a weekend away in a new city. WildChina’s Getaways Collection is made for getting the most out of a short few days in a new place.

Beijing Hutong

Weave your way through a hutong to experience local life. Photo by Jens Schott Knudsen.

These trips are perfect to add on to the end of a cruise, a business trip, or a family vacation that you just don’t want to be over. Whether it’s Beijing, Shanghai, or far-flung Lhasa, each WildChina getaway is specially designed to give you the most out of a short trip to a new destination.

Beijing’s Past and Future

beijingBeijing is a city where ancient palaces sit next to modern skyscrapers. Photo by See-ming Lee via flickr.

Beijing has changed beyond recognition in the 21st century, but the city still retains remnants of its past in the form of ancient hutong alleys, traditional courtyard residences, and imperial wonders. This trip will show you the best of the figurative heart of the Middle Kingdom that is Beijing.


shanghai-xintiandiEuropean-style buildings decorate the tree-lined avenues of the French Concession. 

Shanghai retains remnants of its rich past in the form of the French Concession and the graceful colonial buildings along the Bund. Nearby these nostalgic buildings evocative of Old Shanghai are the iconic, towering skyscrapers of Pudong. Explore both new and old Shanghai on a journey through China’s biggest city.


xians-great-mosqueThe Muslim Quarter has been home to Muslim communities since 7th century AD. Photo by mararie via flickr.

Xi’an’s rich tapestry of history was woven together during its time as the capital of no fewer than ten dynasties. The city’s ancient walls and narrow streets hark back to a time when Xi’an was the center of cultural, religious, and economic interaction between the East and West at the eastern end of the Silk Road.


Leshan-BuddhaLeshan Buddha overlooking Min River.

Despite being the fourth largest city in China, Chengdu remains a calm metropolis with a relaxing teahouse culture. On this trip, you’ll not only get the chance to view China’s cuddly icon at a panda base, you’ll also get the chance to sample Sichuan’s famous numbing peppercorns, experience Taoist spirituality, witness the Sichuanese operatic art of face-changing, and stand in the presence of the world’s largest stone Buddha.


hangzhou-tea-ceremonyEnjoy a tea ceremony in the scenic Guo’s Garden. 

Step into the shoes of dynastic high society as you discover Marco Polo’s ‘Heaven on Earth’. From the shores of the Emperor’s beloved ancient lake, to the classical Chinese gardens of artists and scholars, this journey will transport you to a world away from modern city life.


Monks animatedly debating Buddhist philosophy in the courtyard of Sera Monastery. Photo by Prasad Kholkute via flickr.

Lhasa is a mountainous wonder, a trove of temples and pilgrims. In a whirl of prayer wheels you’ll visit temples and monasteries thick with incense and crimson-robed monks, breathe crystal clear air in Tibet’s awe-inspiring landscape, and find serenity in a uniquely spiritual culture.