11 Jaw-dropping Performances to Watch Across China

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Nearly every region of China has developed its own stunning variety of performance art. We’ve compiled the coolest shows worth buying a ticket for.

China’s rich history has allowed for the development of nuanced, artistic performances. With shows that employ nature as the backdrop to the myths and legends of ethnic minorities to the discipline of Kung Fu and the dazzle of Sichuan Opera, China is full of entertaining and enthralling performances.

Here’s a curated selection of some of the most amazing performances you can watch across China today:

Shanghai: ERA – The Intersection of Time

ERA – The Intersection of Time is THE acrobatics show to see in Shanghai. With dazzling gymnastic and special effects tied together through a narrative of China’s past, present and future, this is a show which has stunned foreigners and locals alike and rapidly become a ‘must see’ item on any tourist’s agenda.

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Beijing: Beijing’s Chaoyang Theater

  • The famous flying acrobats at Beijing’s Chaoyang Theater offer a show which is both visually stunning and beautifully choreographed. If you’re into acrobatics, you’ll love it!
  • The Zhengyici Peking Opera Theater is among the most historical wooden theaters in China, and the perfect location to experience Beijing Opera. As singers wail out tragic ballads in elaborate costumes, you’ll be sitting in ancient surroundings, watching a performance that could date back to the 18th century.

Beijing Opera 1Hendrik Terbeck via Flickr

  • The story of a young boy on the quest to become a Kungfu Master is told every night at the Red Theater in Beijing’s Dongcheng district. Blending martial arts techniques with ballet and modern theatre, The Legend of Kungfu has enthralled audiences since 2004.

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Guilin: Impression Sanjie Liu

  • With the Li River as the stage and jagged green mountains as the background, the Impression Sanjie Liu in Yangshuo near Guilin reenacts the daily lives on the Zhuang people. Involving hundreds of performers and in a setting which is a natural work of art in itself, this show is well worth braving the great outdoors.


Daniel via Flickr

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Hangzhou: Impression West Lake

  • Set on a lake on a specially built stage just a few centimeters below the surface, Impression West Lake in Hangzhou employs not only the beauty of nature but also one of China’s most accomplished directors to tell a traditional Hangzhou love story. Man is mortal, the tale goes, but love never dies. In such a beautiful setting you may just believe it – if only for a moment.

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Lijiang: Impression Lijiang

  • Performed in front of the Jade Dragon Snow Mountains, and also directed by Zhang Yimou whose credits include the Beijing Olympics closing ceremony, Impression Lijiang features 400 performers of China’s Bai, Yi and Naxi minorities in an energetic show lasting for about 1 hour.

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Chengdu: Shufengya Yun

  • With a deft flick of the wrist the actor’s mask changes. Blink, and the blue mask becomes green. Blink again, and the same performer leers down with yet another face. Both funny and confronting, Sichuan Opera at Chengdu’s Shufengya Yun is traditional performance at its most gripping.



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Xi’an: Tang Yue Gong

  • During the Tang Dynasty Xi’an, then known as Chang’an, was the imperial capital of China. The Tang Yue Gong Tang Dynasty Music and Dance show gives you a glimpse into the spirit of that time, an age of prosperity and culture. A thriving performance since the ‘80s, Tang Yue Gong has toured extensively overseas.

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Zhangjiajie: Charming Xianxi Theatre

  • The Charming Xianxi Theatre performance leaves it all on the table with acrobats, dance and a fantastic electronic laser light show to boot! With the outdoor segment complemented by the beautiful local scenery you’ll enjoy a show worthy of a far larger town.

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Xiaolin Temple (Shaolin Temple): Shaolin Temple’s Kungfu Performance


Kevin Poh via Flickr

  • Journey to Mount Song in China’s Henan Province and witness the legendary Shaolin Temple’s Kungfu Performance. Highlighting the skill and discipline that can only be attained through years of dedication, you’ll watch dozens of disciples performing feats of near magic agility and strength.

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With it’s diverse regional history and unique preservation of culture, China is home to numerous spellbinding performances that are fun for adults and kids alike. These are merely a few examples of the vast array of performance art available for tourists in China.

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