Hot Discussion: Mei Zhang at Global Tourism Economic Forum

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Recently, Mei got the chance to sit down with other movers and shakers in the tourism industry to discuss the changing travel needs and desires of China’s growing middle class at the international conference, Global Tourism Economic Forum, down in Macau.


As you know, Mei’s one of the top experts on both inbound and outbound travel, and she loved the chance to share her insider’s knowledge to the group of tourism leaders.

What exactly was her take on the changes in the China’s consumer travel industry?

Well she believes that, “the tourism market has become more subdivided. As long as industry insiders know exactly what they can offer and what they are good at and then focus on the specific point, there are endless opportunities waiting for them.”

As industry insiders, we pride ourselves on going the extra mile and focusing on sustainable, rich, small, and immersive travel experiences for our tours in China. More and more Chinese people want to get in touch with the diversity of their homeland, and we’re at the cutting edge of this trend.

The round table was so exciting that even the Macau Business Journal wrote a piece about it!

Take a look at the highlights from the round table in the video below: