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This year, Town & Country Travel turned 170 years old! When pondering a celebration, they thought back to the Grand Tour travel philosophy of the 17th, 18th, and 19th centuries, where upper-class Brits went off into the world to become more rounded in both mind and soul. For T&C, it seemed high time that this iconic philosophy was revived, and in an anniversary trip that would rival all Grand Tours – 170 days around the world, featuring the best of the best from every continent on earth.

We were honored to design the China portion of the tour. We had 10 days to fill and we didn’t hold back. Here is the result…


A truly over-the-top adventure through our favorite parts of China with all the bells and whistles. From the colonial streets of Shanghai, to ethnic minority villages in Yunnan, to the ancient historical streets of Beijing. On our Grand Tour of China you will be ticking things off your bucket list at every corner. And not just with a pencil but in signature WildChina style.


Begin in Shanghai where our list of must-dos is topped by taking the weight off and exploring the tree-lined French Concession from the comfort of a sidecar. Then, dive under washing lines and in to the city’s Jewish Quarter with our WildChina Jewish expert – your perfect companion to learn more about Shanghai’s unique history.

In China’s southwest, Yunnan province offers more Grand Tour experiences than we can count. Over 40 different minority cultures preserve their traditions side-by-side and will welcome you with open arms, excited to share their knowledge, culture and cuisine. Become guest of honor at a Bai ‘Three cup’ tea ceremony and don’t miss the opportunity to have your travels blessed by a Naxi Shaman.

Then finally, get ready for Beijing, a city where the past, present, and future are forced together in a style seen nowhere else on earth. Experience VIP treatment as you skirt the crowds and enjoy privileged access to the Forbidden City and end your journey with a bang, hiking the Great Wall of China and popping a bottle of champagne while you take in the view.

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Whether you’re planning the full Grand Tour, or think it’s about time you created a China Grand Tour of your own, check out the full itinerary and learn How to Plan a Trip to China with one of expert travel designers.