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Here at WildChina, we love to spread our philosophy of off-the-beaten path travel. It’s pretty much in our company DNA. We know that travel is about more than a quick picture on the Great Wall and a fleeting glance at The Forbidden City through a bus window. For over 16 years we have been offering immersive and life-changing experiences for the discerning traveler.

CCTV’s China Insight invited WildChina founder Mei Zhang onto the show last week to give the insider scoop on creating travel experiences that awaken hearts and minds to the country’s 55 ethnic minority groups. They asked a question many of us wonder about – As more people venture to China and the Chinese themselves begin to explore deeper in their own country, is a loss of authentic culture and tradition the ultimate cost?


Not according to us! At WildChina, we pride ourselves in offering authentic experiences that will never be scaled-up for the mass tourist age. We skip the queue of tour buses arriving at ‘culture villages’ for a scheduled traditional dance. Instead, we spend years researching and designing intimate journeys and building close, personal relationships with the villagers we visit.

We train passionate local guides and immerse our guests in the huge diversity of culture and tradition found in China. Our travelers have become guests of honor at a Bai tea ceremony in Yunnan, helped local women spin traditional Yak wool garments in Gansu and participated in the colorful annual festivities of the Miao people in Guizhou. The ethnic minority communities we visit are not putting on a show – they are proud of their culture and excited to help you join in the fun.

Local wedding

On CCTV’s Cashing in on Culture Mei Zhang explains why WildChina’s small-group, customizable experiences continue to blaze a path through travel in China – why we will always stop on the road to join in a village wedding and how, with a healthier view on travel, authentic culture and traditions will always find a way shine through.


If you missed Mei’s appearance CCTV’s China Insight, you can watch it below.