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We’ve opened applications for our annual USD$5000 travel grant, and this year, there’s a twist.

Is your dream job to be paid to travel and share what you love about China with others? With this year’s WildChina Explorer Grant those dreams might just come true. We are offering the winner not only a USD$5000 travel grant but the chance to utilize WildChina’s vast network and expert knowledge of the Middle Kingdom to create a WildChina Journey – one that will be marked in the pages of WildChina history and available for the world to choose and enjoy.


WildChina Explorer 2014 Rick Qi filming his documentary
about the Mosuo People, China’s last matriarchal society

How does the WildChina Explorer Grant 2017 work?

The winner of the WildChina Explorer Grant 2017 will get to share their love of China with the world, and not just through the amazing photos you are sure to bring back from your trip. For the first time ever, the expedition taken by the WildChina Explorer 2017 will be marked in the pages of WildChina history – as a tour for the world to choose and enjoy.

You’ll have USD$3000 and access to all of WildChina’s networks and expert knowledge for your expedition. Then, once you’ve experienced all there is to see and spent time getting the core of what give’s that region a special place in your heart, you will work with us to turn your itinerary into a WildChina Tour – and you will be the expert leading the trip.

Imagine taking a small-group of adventurers on a trip that YOU have designed, and is led by none other than yourself. As long as your trip receives enough bookings from our global audience, you will receive another USD$2000 to help you return to China and lead the trip.

For more information, learn about our previous grantees or learn why 2017 is the year to Explore China Differently.


Jeff Fuchs is both the WildChina Explorer 2011 and a WildChina Expert
Now’s your chance to follow in his footsteps

Who can apply for the WildChina Explorer Grant 2017?

Anyone over the age of 18, with a passion for travel, authentic exploration, and cultural cultivation is invited to apply for the WildChina Explorer Grant 2017 and application packs are available in both English and Mandarin.

We’re looking for a genuine excitement for exploration, a demonstrated interest in China, and a commitment to sustainable travel. This year, we are looking for you to propose an expedition that can be turned into an epic WildChina journey. One we know that others would be knocking down our door to join. All applications submitted in their entirety by April 23rd, 2017 deadline will be considered.

To download the full application pack and find out more about past winners, visit the WildChina Explorer Grant homepage.

Find out how WildChina’s Founder Mei Zhang inspired this year’s WildChina Explorer Grant theme of Explore China Differently.

We’re also proud to announce that our partners this year will be TOMS Shoes and WildChina Explorer Grant homepage.. Each of our partners will have the opportunity to choose one applicant to become a finalist.