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Get to know why we chose “Explore China Differently” as our theme for the WildChina Explorer Grant 2017, and find out more about the grant on the WildChina Explorer Grant website.

Since WildChina was founded on the slopes of Mount Kailash, nearly 17 years ago, we have made it our mission to pioneer China travel. We punch through the tourist bubble and empower curious travelers to discover the vast wonders of the Middle Kingdom.

dongruiresWildChina Explorer 2016 Dongrui Yu on his quest to capture Yunnan’s lost stars

In 2016, WildChina Founder Mei Zhang embarked on a personal new challenge, to return to her hometown of Dali in search of a beloved regional delicacy. The stunning collection of photographs and recipes she collected along her journey were chronicled in the Penguin published Travels Through Dali: with a leg of ham and thanks to her dedication to travel, others can now step into her story on her WildChina journey of the same name.


WildChina Explorer 2013 Heli on his expedition to find the rare Tianshan Snow Lotus

In celebration of Mei’s accomplishments, we are dedicating the WildChina Explorer Grant 2017 to the concept of Explore China Differently. We are looking for adventurers that dare to look at things from a new perspective, strive to challenge stereotypes and are passionate about exploring new regions.

“We’re searching for explorers who are looking to share their passion for China with others,” says Mei Zhang. “For us, exploration should have an impact on more than just yourself and can serve as a form of cultural cultivation. This year’s theme of Explore China Differently reflects the importance of that.”

For the first time ever, the WildChina Explorer 2017 will become a WildChina Travel Designer and their story will be marked on the page of WildChina history. They will work with us, utilize our networks and knowledge and create a brand new WildChina journey for all to enjoy.

Ready to help us make history?

We begin our search for the WildChina Explorer 2017 on February 23rd, 2017. Visit the WildChina Explorer Grant Website for more details, and to stay up to date with WildChina Explorer Grant news.

Think about it: if you were given $5000 USD, what would you do?

We’re also proud to announce that our partners this year will be TOMS Shoes and 旅行者 World Traveller. Each of our partners will have the opportunity to choose one applicant to become a finalist.