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Every country has their share of cities frequented by travelers. These sights are often impressive, but do they paint a complete picture? Definitely not! 

For many foreigners however, China’s hidden gems are hard to access and that’s when you need an expert to help you out. At WildChina, we pride ourselves in going off-the-beaten track and providing you with truly authentic and exclusive experiences.

Our WildChina best kept secret getaways provide opportunities to expand your travel horizons and recharge from the hustle and bustle of city life. Carefully curated to help you get the most out of a destination in a limited time, these journeys make for a great addition to a longer trip or can offer the perfect long weekend away for those of you living in the Middle Kingdom.


Jingdezhen-Carrying FLICKR


Ancient China was renowned for it’s ability to make quality ceramics, particularly porcelain. It was so widely respected across the world that having “fine China” became the shorthand for high-quality ceramics. If you ever wondered what the ancient process of making these fine works was, then Jingdezhen has some ancient secrets waiting! You can watch craftsmen sculpt, paint, and fire porcelain of such calibre that it was formerly reserved only for royalty.

On the WildChina journey Jingdezhen: The Art of Porcelain, you’ll not only get to watch the process in action, but we’ll take you on a hike where the high-quality clay originates: Gaoling mountain. We’ll also provide the chance to view the Tao Xi Chuan Art District, where you can wander along the many stalls and talk with local students of the ceramics university. If you like something, you can bring it home as a great souvenir. During your time in Jingdezhen, you can also get your hands dirty at a local ceramic studio, where you’ll throw your own pots on the wheel and paint delicate pre-fired porcelain.

Why is it a secret?

Although famous within China for producing the emperor’s porcelain, Jingdezhen is not very well-known to foreign travelers. You’ll be among the first intrepid explorers to adventure through Jingdezhen while it retains its authentic heritage.

How to “Getaway” There

Jingdezhen is a short 1-hour flight from Shanghai. At the time of writing, there are no high-speed rails to Jingdezhen so a flight is your best bet.


Huangshan - Susan Yin


Directly translated to “Yellow Mountain”, Huangshan is known for its uniquely shaped rocky peaks, trees clinging to every possible crevice, and the sea of cotton candy clouds.

On a trip to Huangshan, you’ll experience nature like you’ll never find back home. Babbling brooks, bamboo forests, and the unique rock formations that jut up like teeth from the landscape, creating wonderful bowls of clouds that accentuate every sunset. From the landmarks of the Eastern steps, like Fairy Walking Bridge, to those of the Western steps, such as the greeting tree, you’ll be glad you came.

Like every WildChina journey, our The Yellow Mountain tour is chock full of off-the-beaten path adventures and exclusive luxuries. Read our blog exclusively on Huangshan to learn more about what you can do.

Why is it secret?

Often overlooked for its more famous cousin, Zhangjiajie, Huangshan makes for an equally picturesque hike into China’s unique topography. The rocky peaks of Huangshan make for a surreal landscape and are a thrilling mountain you can summit in one day. Learn more in our blog post, 4 Thrilling Mountains You Can Easily Summit in One Day.

How to “Getaway” There

There are eight daily bullet train services between Beijing and Huangshan that take approximately 6.5 hours. There’s also a short bullet train to Shanghai via Hangzhou that takes 4.5 hours.



Ever felt like your spiritual side could use a pick-me-up? Then you can’t go wrong with a getaway to Wudangshan, a mountain where martial artists, movie producers, and philosophers have come to explore the wonders of the Tao.

Over 2,000 temples and palaces are sprinkled throughout the mountain and there are a number of well hidden, kung fu training grounds. With WildChina, you’ll be introduced to a Taoist priest who will convey the central teachings of his religion through rhythm and music. At night, you’ll be treated to locally grown, sustainable foods, the practices of which date back dozens of decades! Finally, you’ll have the chance to study kung fu among the temples and palaces from a master in the mountains. Ever wanted your life to feel like a movie? This may be your chance. Journey with us on our Wudang Mountains: Taoist Heartland trip.

Why is it secret?

Although rich with spiritual culture, this off-the-beaten path destination isn’t well-known. Few foreigners even know of its existence let alone how to gain exclusive access to things like a kung fu lesson in the birthplace of Taoism. However, with a WildChina guide by your side, Wudangshan is set to rival traditional spiritual destinations like Tibet. 

How to “Getaway” There

A WildChina guide will pick you up from Xiangyang which is a quick flight (under 2 hours) from either Beijing or Shanghai.

Ready to get the leg up on your adventure and take one of China’s best kept secret getaways? All these journeys make for a great addition to your pre-existing itinerary whether you’re in Beijing or Shanghai.  Speak with one of our travel designers today to start planning your trip.