Best Family Trips in China for 2018

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So you want to take your family on a trip that will be engaging, beautiful, and educational. Not just educational, but the kind of education you can only get from first-hand experiences, and which sneaks in when you don’t realize you’re learning. We know it’s important to instill a sense of worldwide community and perspective in yourself and your kids while traveling. That’s why we’ve put together our selection of the best family trips in China for 2018.

Best Family Trips in China for 2018

Classic China

WildChina Classics take you to the beating heart of our favorite destinations and our Chinese Treasures journey is always a great place to start. Over fourteen days you’ll travel across the country, share unique experiences with your nearest and dearest, and earn a lifetime of priceless memories (and photographs too, of course!)

Why your kids will love it

Your classic China experience can start before you even land as we arrange for your child and a local Beijing student to become pen pals. For a few months before you arrive they can exchange letters and stories. They’ll then get to meet when you touch down in the capital. We can’t think of a better way to start a trip! 

Once you’ve settled in, you’ll meet a cricket fighter who will introduce your children to his prize fighters. Then, amid the splendor of the Forbidden City, your WildChina guide will send the kids on a treasure hunt to find the palace’s legendary “nine dragons”. 

And Beijing is just the first stop! This trip covers so many cities, it’s difficult to touch on all the exciting family-fun activities that await. You’ll engage in a rousing tai chi class on Xi’an’s City Wall and get up close and personal with pandas during a panda conservation lesson in Chengdu. In Dali, you’ll try your hand at making local delicacies and in Shanghai you’ll take an exhilirating tour of the city in a vintage 1930’s sidecar. Whew! This journey is excellent for families who want to get a peek at the rich diversity China has to offer.

Why it’s great for 2018

Some favorites never get old. And what’s more, you’ll get to enjoy some of the luxury hotel upgrades that have taken place in the last year. The newly renovated Peninsula Beijing now offers the biggest guest rooms in the city which gives your family plenty of breathing room and personal space. And when you book with WildChina, you’ll get to take advantage of all of our Pen Club perks.


Best Family Trips in China for 2018

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For those who enjoy history and adventure, whose footsteps are better to follow than Marco Polo? On our Marco Polo’s Silk Road journey, you’ll cut a swath across north-west China, immersing you and your family in such diverse experiences as riding on a camel in the Taklamakan Desert, exploring the ruins of a once prosperous metropolis, and passing by the Flaming Mountains.

Why your kids will love it

What’s more fun for a kid than riding a camel through the desert and exploring ruins like Indiana Jones? Your WildChina guide will tell vivid stories of the traders who followed the treacherous Silk Road route through the desert and create games for the children to help them remember.

Your kids will also love learning to cook traditional Uyghur cuisine with a local family and finding out more about local culture as your guide helps translate the conversation. Exploring the old city of Jiaohe is another awesomely family-friendly activity. You’ll wander through the ruins and feel like an archaeologist as you imagine the city’s past grandeur and prosperity. The whole family will learn the history and see spectacular views of the ruins themselves.

Why it’s great for 2018

The Silk Road is one of our favorite destinations for 2018 because the recent One Belt, One Road summit has drawn international attention to it once again. We’ve also just updated our experiences along the Silk Road to include kid-friendly activities such as noodle-making and camping in the desert.


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Animal and Nature Lovers 

For those who want to get in touch with their green side, our Sichuan’s Natural Wonders journey is an amazing experience. While this region in Western China is known for it’s spicy food, there is also vast range of scenic nature hikes, a distinct array of plants, and unique animals just waiting to be discovered. 

Why your kids will love it

What could be more lovely than watching a panda eating a lunch of bamboo in the midday sun with your kids? Safely get up close with giant pandas as you volunteer in a local reserve and visit a national park that protects no less than 1600 snub-nosed monkeys. As a family, you’ll learn about the important conservation work happening in the area and even try your hand at tracking wild animals with your local WildChina guide. As you’re hiking through small villages, your children will love sharing lunch and stories from the day with a Tibetan family in their own home.

Why it’s great for 2018

Giant pandas are slowly being released back into the wild after nearly 30 years on the brink of extinction. Your family can be among the first to track these iconic animals in their natural habitat.

Best Family Trips in China for 2018

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History Buffs

When you’re stuck in class, history can be boring even if you’re interested in the subject. But visit famous historical sites for yourself, with the best guides in town, and the story comes alive. On our Yunnan’s Flying Tigers journey you’ll follow in the footsteps of the ‘Flying Tigers’, a group of brave American volunteers who joined the WWII effort in China.

Why your kids will love it

As you follow the Tiger’s route through the Gaoligong Mountains, your children will hear first-hand accounts of the volunteer’s achievements. What could be a better lesson in history than having you and your kids swept along by the captivating stories of elders who lived through the events? They’ll wander the ruins of airstrips, hike in the mountains the Flying Tigers protected and witness some 80,000 World War II relics on display in Yunnan’s WWII Memorial Museum. 

Did I mention that Tengchong is also home to stunning natural hot springs? They will also be plenty of time to have fun swimming and relaxing with your kids.  

Why its great for 2018

In 2017, WildChina pioneered the first interactive, luxury tour centered around the history of the Flying Tigers in Yunnan. Be among the first families to have this truly off-the-beaten-path experience. 

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Action Enthusiasts 

Our Family Kung-Fu and Kicks itinerary will bring out the kid in anyone. This itinerary was carefully designed with families in mind and leaves no stone unturned in the quest for a perfect family vacation.

Why your kids will love it

From treasure hunts in the Forbidden City, to riding carts down from the heights of the Great Wall, to learning to use brushes in the art of Chinese calligraphy – you’ll have a blast from start to finish. Giant pandas, hand-made Chinese dumplings, ancient warrior statues, kung fu lessons, and so much more! Your kids will thank you for getting a taste of how travel and history can enrich their lives.

Why its great for 2018

With a plethora of new hotel openings across China, including the Songtsam Lijiang and The Middle House in Shanghai, you’ll be able to rest easy after a long day of family fun in boutique accommodation fresh for 2018.


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If you’re reading these tours and thinking “I just can’t decide!” then you’ll love connecting with one of our expert trip designers who can help you customize the perfect itinerary for your family! Share experiences that you’ll remember for the rest of your lives. Let’s start planning your trip.