5 Reasons Why China is Great for a Luxury Family Vacation

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Already planning next year’s family getaway? How about China?

Many people may not be aware of just how family-friendly a holiday in China can be. The country has a wealth of historical and cultural sights and is now home to modern transport systems and world-class hotels. In short, getting around has never been easier or more comfortable.

Traveling with your family is a rewarding, bonding experience, but you need safety, convenience and hands-on activities to keep everybody happy – from grandparents to toddlers – and to make it a really unforgettable experience. Read on to discover why China is ideal for a luxury family vacation.

5. Exciting Performances

All across China, there are performances that showcase the rich diversity of the Middle Kingdom. These exciting acts are sure to please both kids and adults.

Chengdu’s face-changing opera is renowned for its dazzling costume and dramatic stage play combining martial arts, acrobatics and dance. As a WildChina exclusive, kids will love being able to go backstage and learn how to put on make-up and costumes in the traditional style. Back in the front of the house, we’ll make sure you have VIP seats to imbibe in the sheer spectacle of it all. It is not to be missed.

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For some edge-of-your-seat action, witness ERA’s acrobatics show in Shanghai. It blends western and Chinese styles in a show that pushes the limits of human strength, agility and stage show wizardry. In Yangshuo, don’t miss the beautifully arranged and choreographed Impressions Liusanjie, where six hundred performers bring a fairytale to life in a mesmerizing show crafted by the man behind the 2008 Beijing Olympics opening ceremony.

Interested in watching some of the Middle Kingdom’s most spectacular performances? Check out Family Kung Fu and Kicks journey.

4. Kid-Friendly Hotels

Sometimes it’s hard to find a hotel that is both luxury and friendly to families with kids. Luckily for you, China is chock full of hotels that put the luxe in luxury and the you in fun. One great such hotel is the Peninsula Beijing which recently went under a sparkling new facelift. This grand dame of Beijing hotels now has the largest guest rooms in the whole capital.

5 Reasons Why China is Great for a Luxury Family Vacation

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Over in Shanghai, the Peninsula Shanghai also has a wide variety of options for kids. Located close to the Bund, which is a major attraction and great area to take a walk and sightsee with your family, the Peninsula Shanghai also has a number of family-friendly restaurants nearby. In case you want to steal a romantic dinner away, there are babysitting referrals for RMB 200-300 per hour.

3. Animal Encounters

The cute, cuddly, and iconic Giant Panda will be a hit for animal-lovers of all ages. China is home to a huge variety of wildlife, and new parks and reserves are bringing you closer to them. What better place to see a panda than in their homeland: the steamy forests of southwest Sichuan Province.

Family friendly China - Cute animals - Panda

Source: Sheila Lau

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At the Dujiangyan Reserve near Chengdu, your child can practice being a panda keeper for the day and help these cuddly animals eat and take care of their babies. The Dujiangyan base includes a panda hospital, a panda kitchen, and an educational center.

If pandas aren’t enough to satiate your appetite for animal adventures, you can surround yourself with 1,500 endangered golden snub-nosed monkeys at a reserve, all the while hiking, sightseeing and camping in the gorgeous Jiuzhaigou National Park. You’ll even be able to spend time with conservationists and learn about what they are doing to protect endangered animals.

After an action-packed day of animal sightings, you can retire for the evening in some of Jiuzhaigou’s opulent resorts that offer relaxing hot springs and spas. Fun for the kids and luxury for you. Our Sichuan’s Natural Wonders will give you and the family chances aplenty to make new friends of the fluffy, four-legged kind and relax into the scenery of Sichuan.

2. Fun and Games

Kids and teenagers need more than sightseeing, fine dining and hotels, and a holiday to China can be packed full of activities to keep them entertained. (We’ll still keep all those things for your pleasure, of course!)

Never fear! One of our strong suits is customizing your journey so it is the perfect fit for you. How about piecing together the mysteries of the emperor’s court with a treasure hunt through the maze-like Forbidden City, or learning the ways of Kung Fu at the Shaolin temple – the birthplace of China’s iconic martial art? We highly recommend it for all those little Kung Fu Panda fans out there.

The fun and games don’t stop there! You can perfect the art of the Chinese yo-yo in a traditional courtyard home or paint opera masks in the imperial Summer Palace. The pleasure of taking in China on two wheels also can’t be understated. Kids and adults will love riding a bike the length of Xi’an’s ancient city wall, or pedaling through the dreamlike Karst Mountains of south China’s Yangshuo.

Wild China - Activities - Kung Fu monks

Source: Shi Deru

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Family Kung Fu and Kicks is one of our favorite journeys for families with children aged 6-16 years. This is a hands-on, educational trip that allows all members of the family to learn about Chinese culture and history in a fun and interactive way.

1. Rich Experiences

China is a treasure trove of rich experiences that can only be had in the Middle Kingdom.

Just outside Beijing, the Great Wall snakes across northern China like a giant stone dragon. Your family will love having a picnic on the fortifications that once kept armies of fearsome Mongols at bay. There will even be some champagne for the grown-ups. When you’re done, zip back down to earth aboard a toboggan. Talk about a luxurious way to see one of the world’s most iconic landmarks!

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In Xi’an, after you’ve seen the Terracotta Warriors you’ll get to make your own mini version to take home. There can also be time for bathing in the region’s hot spring and practicing the art of calligraphy.

For another truly luxury experience in Shanghai, we’ll take you on a sidecar  ride through the tree-lined streets of Shanghai’s old French concession, while learning about China’s troubled, yet fascinating modern history. All of these experiences and more can be found on WildChina’s Family Fun tour.

If something you like isn’t featured on our private journeys then speak to our travel planners to customize your itinerary and make the China family getaway of your dreams. Our tours are completely customizable to ensure you have the best of both worlds: fun for the whole family and oozing with luxury.