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Looking for a little romance in the Middle Kingdom? We’ve compiled a list of the four best places to take your sweetheart on Chinese Valentine’s Day (Qixi Festival) 


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Chinese mythology tells of how a humble cowherd fell in a love with a beautiful weaver girl. Despite their difference in status they lived happily together until the mother of heaven discovered their romance. Furious, she forbade their love, and banished them to opposite sides of the Milky Way.

Most of the time they lived apart, but once a year the magpies of the world took pity on the couple. Forming a bridge across the galaxy they united the pair for one evening each year, on the 7th day of the 7th month in the traditional Chinese calendar.

Today China marks the occasion by celebrating the Qixi festival (七夕節). It’s often referred to by foreigners as the Chinese Valentine’s Day, and it’s a great excuse to discover some of the most beautiful and romantic places in the Middle Kingdom.

Here are our four best choices…


chengdu-pandas res

This city of 14 million isn’t typically the first place that springs to mind when you mention romance.

But don’t forget, Chengdu is famous for one thing: Pandas. What could be more romantic than watching these adorable and cuddly creatures galavanting about, snacking on bamboo and and playing in the leaves!



Located on the island of Hainan, Sanya is one of China’s most famous beach resorts, and romance is a constant theme of the destination.

Climb up the hill (or catch a bus) to the Luhuitou Park, and you’ll see the famous statue commemorating another romantic Chinese myth. A hunter was stalking a deer, and the beast turned its head towards him. The hunter was about the strike, when the deer suddenly transformed into a beautiful woman.

As you explore the park with stunning views of the island and beach below, you’ll find several poetic posters imploring visitors to feel the romance of the place.

For all those who want the most luxurious of romantic getaways, the Rosewood has recently opened its new Sanya property. The oceanfront retreat is the perfect place to relax into domestic bliss. 



Grab a table at a one of the elite bars and restaurants at the Bund, and watch the impossibly vast Pudong skyline shining out into the distance. As ancient, rusted ships crawl up Huangpu river, you’ll feel a certain tranquility suffused with the energy of the city. To rekindle the thrill of falling in love, we highly recommend zipping through the French Concession on your own sidecar adventure.

By some measures the biggest city in the world, Shanghai is a unique place to find romance, but find the right spot and you’ll be enthralled by the city’s man made charms. 



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With serene monasteries, glistening lakes and the tallest mountain in the world, Tibet has enough to leave even the most cynical couples breathless… of course, the high altitude probably helps!

If natural beauty and solitude is your idea of romance, then Tibet may be the place for you.

China is full of opportunities for romance, with buzzing cities, natural beauty and amazing cuisine. The place gets all the more richer when you open up to adventure and take a chance on a less conventional romantic escape.

Happy Qixi from the folks at WildChina!

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