The China Experts’ Hottest Hotels in China for 2018

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When you’re visiting an unfamiliar land like China, it’s nice to know that you can rest your head at night in luxurious comfort. Sometimes that might mean being ensconced in Western-style luxury. Other times you may want the same luxury touches, but with a cultural twist from the place you’re staying. Either way you slice it WildChina can help you book the perfect hotel for your China journey. With 2018 just around the corner, here are our picks for the hottest hotels in China for next year.


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Bulgari Hotel Beijing


Featuring a great location- just half an hour drive from Beijing Capital International Airport, and a meticulously thought out hotel experience to match, the Bulgari Hotel Beijing is sure to please the growing number of international travelers to the city. Based upon the theme of nature and art, elements the hotel has drawn upon from its surroundings, the brand has created a plush home away from home. The WildChina team was given an exclusive sneak preview as to what future guests can expect, and look forward to, in true Bulgari fashion of elegance and sophistication.


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Imagine a rustic, yet modern, China-inspired secluded retreat. Then you’ll have a close idea of what’s offered at the Amanyangyun. Amanyangyun is the latest Aman resort to open and the fourth in China, boasting a noteworthy location just outside of the sprawling cosmopolitan city of Shanghai.  The ancient camphor trees, restored Ming and Qing Dynasty villas, and Jingdezhen porcelain teacups in the rooms all make it exude elegant simplicity. Thanks to it’s location just outside the city, it’s an easy choice for winding down after an active adventure with WildChina.

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The Middle House


If you prefer a sleek, minimalist design, then perhaps you’ll enjoy Swire House Collective’s more recent project based in Shanghai: The Middle House. The Middle House is set to open in early 2018 and takes an Italian design aesthetic infused with contemporary Chinese elements. Located in Shanghai’s historic Dazhongli neighborhood, the hotel offers many unique features, such as their abundant outdoor terraces and a cafe whose menu is designed by a legendary New York chef. Swire’s House properties are all renowned for their incorporation of contemporary art and design, and their newest property is sure to live up to its sister properties in Beijing, Chengdu, and Hong Kong.

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Alila Yangshuo


Have you ever wondered what a repurposed sugar mill would look like if it was converted into a luxury hotel? Neither did we, but after seeing the results we’re glad Alila did! This particular location integrates authentic local and traditional culture into the experience that’ll leave a lasting impression. Join a WildChina journey to go bamboo rafting along the Li River and cycling in the hidden mountain villages, all while enjoying your stay in the sugar factory.


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Waldorf Astoria Chengdu


Earlier this year, Waldorf Astoria opened the doors to their newest venture in Asia. Waldorf’s style gives you the impression of royalty and with their particular style of layered crownings, massive windows, and choice paintings, it certainly gives the impression of upper class. For those who enjoy swimming with beautiful views (and who doesn’t?), how about a dip in their pool on the 48th floor, complete with wall-to-wall windows. Every guest is issued a personal concierge who would be happy to show you where it is.


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Songtsam Lhasa

Lhasa, Tibet

Tibet is a land of rich history and spirituality that has been incorporated into every room in the Lhasa location of Songtsam. Rustic gongs, rich wooden architecture, and warm lighting will make you feel like you’re on a spiritual retreat, sipping fine tea. It’s a 15-minute drive from Lhasa, meaning you have the benefits of the capital without the bustle!


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Songtsam Lijiang


The Lijiang Songtsam Retreat swaps out the Tibetan style and focuses more on a traditional Chinese style of design and decoration. It focuses more on hand-carved wooden furniture, high ceilings, Chinese rooftops, and brick exteriors. Stone dragon statues will welcome you to this fine resort, which has all the luxury and quality that Songtsam hotels are known for. While staying in Lijiang, we’d love to invite you to be introduced to a village shaman, or to enjoy a dinner party with local Naxi matrons.

Each of these hotels has it’s own special take on luxury, but you can rest assured that they all are at the top of their game. WildChina can help you choose and book the perfect retreat for your travel preferences and personal taste – all will leave you with lasting memories.