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Amanyangyun is the latest Aman resort to open and the fourth in China, boasting a noteworthy location just outside of the sprawling cosmopolitan city of Shanghai. With the grand opening on the horizon, find out about the resort and what it offers WildChina travelers.

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All Aman properties are inspired by their surroundings, and the Amanyangyun is no different, drawing upon elements of Jiangxi culture and heritage. The resort is really unique in the sense that it is in Shanghai, yet far enough out of the city to still experience that resort feeling. Designed by Kerry Hill, it brings a clash of two worlds- China’s heritage and contemporary art. They have three main restaurants on site, Japanese, Italian and Chinese and they are partnering with a Michelin-star chef in their Italian restaurant. Once again focusing on their local surroundings and heritage, the cuisine for the Chinese restaurant will celebrate the flavors of Jiangxi. Another unique element which completes this destination is the wellness component, which is much larger than most other resorts in China. The wellness center includes two swimming pools,  two spa houses, and a number of Pilates areas where guests can take private or group classes, all of which are set in beautifully landscaped garden.  

Aman Resorts

All the Aman resorts differ from one another because all of their resorts are focused on delivering that element of culture and heritage indigenous to the area. The Aman brand is made up of its completely unique resorts. The Amanyangyun is to be bigger than the other resorts due to incorporating the forty restored villas (which are also for sale for private ownership). One element across all of their properties in China are the cultural centers where guests can learn more about the local surroundings from experts in the field. 


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When Aman first came to China, high-end luxury resorts were few and far between in this country. Nowadays, Aman continues to bring the cutting-edge know-how with an expertise that allows them to design and deliver one-of-a-kind resorts. Bringing a level of personal touch and service, they have responded to the growing demand for unique, quality, high-end experiences from tourists within China as well as from abroad. Because their properties are small, they strive to be close to their guests from the very beginning to the very end; putting them at the very center of what Aman does throughout their stay.

Aman Philosophy

The pillars of Aman philosophy are based on culture, creating pioneering experiences and bringing the best of what is available locally. The most important however, and at the very core of their philosophy, is having compassionate hosts. It’s been almost thirty years since the first Aman was opened, and the brand has always been about welcoming guests as old friends with a personal touch. For example, they try to not use signage around the resorts, something you wouldn’t find in someone’s home.

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Amanyangyun and the Art of Preservation 

At the Amanyangyun, they believe in the need to preserve nature, heritage and community. There is evidence of this throughout the resort, from the untouched trees to the organic and locally sourced ingredients ready to be sampled in their restaurants. They have preserved heritage through (luxuriously) restoring forty villas from the Ming and Qing dynasties. In terms of community, they use locally crafted goods in their hotels, such as the individual tea sets found in every guest room, made locally in Jingdezhen, which give employment opportunities to the local people. Strongly believing in preservation for the future, the Amanyangyun also features a discovery center for children, where they too can learn about the local Chinese culture, nature and ecosystem. 

Amanyangyun’s Guests

Amanyangyun guests are people that enjoy the pleasures of life, from beautiful design and aesthetics, to intimacy and privacy. They like to come to Aman because they can be assured all of those things will be delivered. The guest experience is being able to sample the best of the local area, all while staying in a high-end luxury resort. It’s not just one thing, it’s everything.


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Amanyangyun and WildChina Travelers

Due to its semi-urban location on the outskirts of Shanghai, the Amanyangyun would be a perfect choice for the beginning or end of a WildChina Tour. Guests are sure to enjoy unique experiences during a stay at the Amanyangyun, whether it be marveling at the villas, the two thousand-year-old king camphor tree, or their ancient well, upon which is inscribed a saying that reminds people of an ancient Chinese story from this area “Where the sun meets the moon”. Off the beaten track can be interpreted as an encounter with something new or an experience particular to a certain location; that which is definitely the case at the Amanyangyun. 

We are excited to add the Amanyangyun to our collection of luxury and unique hotels, complimenting any and all WildChina trips. Indeed, after jam-packed days exploring and sampling everything ‘the Paris of the East’ has to offer, retreat to this forested oasis, and be welcomed inside as an old friend.