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China has some of the most diverse landscapes in the world, including vast deserts, towering mountains, and perfectly terraced rice paddies. Many of the best national parks in China are renowned internationally, each with its own appeal and splendor.

April 22nd 2018 is Earth Day, one of our favorite annual events. To celebrate, we’ve taken a peek at some of our favorite natural landscapes in the Middle Kingdom.


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Best National Parks in China – Huangshan

Also known as the Yellow Mountain, Huangshan can easily be summited in one day and is just a short hour-long plane ride from Shanghai.  It is the kind of picturesque range that comes to mind when one thinks about Chinese wilderness. Large spires of rock jutting up from the earth like teeth, and trees growing on whatever narrow areas they can firmly plant their roots on the steep rocks. On humid days, you’ll see mist hanging like crowns on the peaks, and it’ll truly make you feel in awe of nature. Did we mention that you might even happen across some monkeys?


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Best National Parks in China – Wudangshan

If you looked at Huangshan and thought “you know, I really like climbing mountains, but I want to include the spiritual side of nature,” then perhaps you want to consider Wudangshan (“shan” means mountain). Here you’ll find an array of Taoist temples nestled among the mountains. This range is actually part of the “Four Sacred Mountains of Taoism”, so you’ll certainly get your fill of Taoism and spirituality. On a WildChina journey, we will facilitate a discussion of philosophy with a Taoist priest who’ll help you discover how its central teachings can be conveyed through music and rhythm. Finish your lesson off with some tai chi and tea!


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Best National Parks in China – Zhangye Danxia National Park

It’s been said that seeing Zhangye Danxia National Park is like visiting another planet. The mountains aren’t as steep or high as Wudangshan or Huangshan, but they’re certainly beautiful. The cliffs are a beautiful orangey-red and yellow stripe in some areas, as though nature used a paintbrush to liven things up a bit. To make the experience even more special, WildChina will roll out a luxurious picnic while the setting sun lights up the mountains.

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Best National Parks in China – Jiuzhaigou

This park is located in the north of Sichuan province. For those of you who are familiar, you’ll know that this area is also known for its spicy dishes which will keep you warm on those cool spring days. What’s special about this park? It has some of the most beautiful bodies of water you’ll ever see. Deep emerald green or sapphire blue crystal-clear lakes surrounded by lush forests. No need for filters on these pictures – they’re perfect on their own. You’ll also find a touch of Tibetan culture here, with locals selling handicrafts and other locally made specialties. As of April 2018, Jiuzhaigou was closed due to a large earthquake in 2017, but please inquire with us about its reopening and we’ll be sure to share with you any updated information. As repairs are in progress, the park is allowing 2,000 people per day to enter as part of a group tour. You won’t be able to visit the park on a private tour until the repairs have been finished.

From multi-colored mountain ranges to jade-colored lakes , China has so much to offer nature lovers. Lush rock spires, Taoism, or colorful mountains – take your pick! Of course, you could always choose to go to more than one on a journey organized by WildChina. Happy Earth Day!

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