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National Geographic Traveler has named our ‘Travels Through Dali with Mei Zhang‘ journey as a 2018 Asia Tour of a Lifetime! Traveler chose only ’20 guided trips, from Uzbekistan to Indonesia, that uncover hidden depths, secluded shrines, and idyllic islands’ to include on the list. We’re truly honored to be a part of it.


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The WildChina journey Traveler selected was inspired by WildChina Founder Mei Zhang’s first book Travels through Dali: with a leg of ham. Chronicling Mei’s return to her hometown in southwest China in search of the region’s specialty cuisine, the book has become a globally recognized and critically acclaimed insight into the importance of cultural preservation and cultivation in a rapidly urbanizing China.


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On this once-in-a-lifetime journey, you can embark on the same adventure of cultural and culinary discovery that Mei Zhang took for her book research – with Mei herself as your guide. You’ll veer off the highway into forgotten villages and into the kitchens of Dali’s culinary artists. You’ll enjoy meaningful engagement with the region’s diverse traditions and cultures, and be inspired by the artisanal innovations that have become an important feature of modern-day Dali.


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This is an opportunity to join Mei as she goes back and says ‘thank you’ to the villagers who welcomed her into their lives. And if we know Mei Zhang, there will be plenty of serendipitous discovery too!

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All photos by Elizabeth Phung for Travels Through Dali: with a leg of ham