Beijing Private Tours

Beijing is the political and cultural center of the Middle Kingdom and we aim for our tours of Beijing to be as dynamic as the city itself.

Today, past and future collide in Beijing’s vibrant neighborhoods; space-age retail developments abut the city’s gentrifying hutong alleyways, increasingly home to craft beer bars, boutique hotels and fine dining. Ground zero for contemporary art in China, Beijing also has a thriving live music scene.

Our fully customizable Beijing tours show clients China’s capital from multiple vantage points, leaving travelers with lifelong memories and an enriched understanding of one of the world’s most influential cities.

temple of heaven

Beijing’s Past & Future

4 Days
Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter
Like New York in the '20s, Beijing is set to define the 21st century. Explore its palaces and temples, discover hidden courtyard homes alongside modern architectural wonders, get to grips with calligraphy and contemporary art, […]
fishermen on lake li

Essence of China

13 Days
Spring, Fall
Get to the heart of China with this unique highlights edit for first-time visitors. From the poetic karst peaks of Guilin to the glass and steel towers of cosmopolitan Shanghai, you'll marvel at the many […]

Jewish Tour of China

10 Days
Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter
Uncover the legacy of Jewish China on this highlights tour with a kosher twist. Explore the synagogues and Jewish quarters of Tianjin and Harbin, and discover how Shanghai saved the lives of thousands of refugees […]
shaolin temple kung fu by chermano

Family Kung Fu and Kicks

14 Days
Spring, Summer, Fall
Prepare to laugh, learn and bond with your loved ones on this innovative reboot of the family vacation. A blend of educational travel and cultural discovery, you’ll hunt for treasure in the Forbidden City and […]
Xuankong Hanging Monastery

The Buddha Path

13 Days
Summer, Fall
Set out on a pilgrimage through five provinces as you piece together the history of Buddhism in the Middle Kingdom. You’ll marvel at cave art in far-flung desert grottoes, defy gravity in the “Hanging Monastery,” […]
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