Connie Zhang (康妮)

Author and Businesswoman
Connie Zhang

Connie Zhang joined LG Group in South Korea straight after graduation and was promoted to director within a year. She went on to study for an MBA at Harvard Business School and became the vice president of Polaroid before going on to join US hedge fund SGS Ventures as the managing director.​  

In 2009, Connie independently founded Ruili Creek Consulting Company and began to provide consulting services for overseas environmental technology companies to develop the Chinese market.​

Connie runs her own public account in China “Connie’s America Channel” and became a columnist of LinkedIn Insights, a mentor in the Niwo Women’s Growth Institute, and a speaker in the app audio class “How to Cultivate Popular Children”.​ 

In March 2019, Connie’s new book “How to Meet People Better Than You” was highly recommended by more than 20 Chinese celebrities including Xu Xiaoping, Luo Zhenyu, and Li Yinuo. 

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