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  • October 21 2014
    Four decades ago, local farmers in Shaanxi province were hard at work digging a well when they came across one of the world's grandest archeological discoveries. Four chambers were eventually unearthed, filled with over 6,000 soldiers, horses and chariots arranged in military formation. Now travelers from around the world come to see these treasures and hear stories of the ruthless Qin Shi Huang Emperor who unified China and had a fondness for burying things, both statues and dissidents. In celebration of the discovery a new exhibit has opened in Xi'an displaying special never-before-seen pieces including clay fragments that still retain some of their original color. The exhibition will continue until March 2015.
  • October 20 2014
    There's just a little bit of time left to complete all of the Conde Nast travel recommendations for the month of October. Start book your Christmas tickets, get an early deal on 2015 cruises and, of course, follow the advise of our very own, Mei Zhang and go see China. Check out the full recommendation list here.    
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