Dr. Helen Kelly

Researcher, Writer, and Champion of School Wellbeing
helen kelly

Helen Kelly is a researcher, writer and champion of school wellbeing. Between 2006 and 2020 she led international schools in Bangkok, Berlin and Hong Kong. Prior to this Helen was member of the English legal profession, working in the field of industrial accidents and disease. 

Helen is most known for her work on school leader stress and wellbeing. She was awarded an Ed.D from the University of Birmingham, UK in 2017 with a thesis entitled “International Schools as Emotional Arenas: Facing the Leadership Challenges in a German Context”. She also holds a Masters in Educational Leadership and a Postgraduate Certificate in Applied Positive Psychology and Coaching Psychology. 

Helen has consulted with schools and delivered presentations and workshops on school wellbeing, future-ready learning, progressive leadership and educational change. She writes for a number of well-known educational publications and enjoys guest blogging. Through her own blog, The Positive Principal, she aims to share her thinking and ignite conversations about wellbeing and the future of schools. 

Helen is a qualified yoga teacher and has taught 200-hour yoga teacher training courses. She has traveled hundreds of thousands of miles in over 50 countries on a motorbike with her husband. Helen retired from her work in schools in June 2020 and is currently converting a Mercedes Sprinter into a campervan with the intention of traveling around Europe once the pandemic has passed. She is based in beautiful North Wales.  


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