Dr. Kuanghan Li (李光涵)

Project Director, Global Cultural Heritage Foundation

Dr. Kuanghan Li is the Director of Programs for Global Heritage Fund, where she is responsible for strategy and management of the organization’s global projects. 

She also serves as the Director Assistant for the UNESCO World Heritage Institute of Training and Research in the Asia and Pacific Region (WHITRAP Beijing). She graduated with a degree in architectural studies and went on to study historic preservation at the University of Pennsylvania, and received her Ph.D. in archaeology from Peking University.

She lectures regularly at universities across China and speaking engagements in global forums including TEDx, Asia Society, UNESCO conferences.

Her projects have been featured by the New York Times, CNN, Financial Times. 

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Global Heritage Fund

Global Heritage Fund is a non-profit organization that operates internationally. Founded in California in 2002, its mission is to “transform local communities by investing in global heritage.”

To date, it has partnered with over 100 public and private organizations at 28 sites across 19 countries, investing over $30 million and securing $25 million in co-funding to carry out heritage preservation and socio-economic development.