Jenny Zhao

Head of Leisure Travel

Jenny Zhao

Jenny is from Wuhan, a river city along the mighty Yangtze River. After graduating from Guizhou University, located in southwest China, she moved to the nation’s capital, Beijing, where she continues to live today with her husband and son.

During her 15 years at WildChina, Jenny has traveled far and wide, visiting many wonderful places and surveying most of WildChina’s experiences. Her favorite trips from over the years include trekking through the ethnic minority villages of remote Yunnan, making a pilgrimage to Everest Base Camp, dancing with a local family on a Silk Road journey, visiting China’s oldest porcelain factory in Jingdezhen and touring the ancient financial capital of China, Pingyao.

In the office, Jenny leads WildChina’s leisure team, exemplifying the epitome of customer service, expertise, and client care. If you ask Jenny what the best custom trip she ever designed was, it’s not one of the many never-done-before VIP excursions but helping a guest research and meet with his father’s long-lost love.

Outside of work, Jenny has many hobbies and likes to engage into various activities, especially in outdoors, but her secret passion is experimenting with new drinks by blending various types of tea. She insists that her family members sample her creations, but asides that she only allows for positive feedback.