Jing Gao

Founder of Fly By Jing
jing gao

Jing Gao is the founder of Fly By Jing. She attributes the inspiration for her brand to a re-connection with her birthplace, Chengdu, after spending most of her youth in the West. I was just amazed by the diversity and complexity of Chinese flavors. The more I studied, the more I realized how little we know about Chinese food in the West. I became passionate about shining light on it and it eventually took over my life so much, I left my day job in tech and founded a restaurant in Shanghai.    

This led her to the launch of her successful chili crisp brand: Fly By Jing. Fly By Jing is inspired by the flavors of  “fly restaurants” or cangyingguang (苍蝇馆), which she describes as “wonderful, hole-in-the-wall restaurants famous in Chengdu. They are known to be so delicious, that no matter how shabby or lacking in atmosphere, people will find them and flock to them like flies

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