Kang Wei

Director, Land Conservation Strategy at The Nature Conservancy China

Kang Wei has over 20 years of experience promoting sustainable development and nature conservation in China. Before he joined The Nature Conservancy, Kang Wei served Heifer International and Jet Li’s One Foundation on poverty alleviation and disaster rehabilitation.

His work with endangered species in China has taken him to the Tibetan plateau where he observed Black-Necked Cranes hatching their young peacefully amidst Tibetan farming communities and to Qinghai where he assisted in the first-ever population count of the endangered Przewalski gazelle, resulting in efforts to expand their habitat and promote growth among the species.

Kang Wei’s past work includes his leadership role in the establishment of the first land trust conservation for Giant Pandas in China (a 27,000-acre park), as well as his leadership in efforts to extend the land trust conservation for Golden Monkeys in Yunnan Province, which aided in preserving their habitats and ecosystems.

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