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Tony Hsu (徐善曾)

Tony Hsu

Tony Hsu is the grandson of legendary Chinese poet, Xi Zhimo. At the height of his literary prowess, Xu Zhimo was the most famous living poet in all of China. But his life was not all fame and fortune. Xu’s story is poignantly told by his grandson in his biography: Chasing the Modern: The Twentieth-Century Life of Poet Xu Zhimo. Tony Hsu started re-tracing his grandfather’s footsteps, which spanned three continents, eight countries, and a peninsula, at the age of 20.

He received a master’s degree in philosophy and a doctorate in applied physics from Yale University, and worked for the US Atomic Energy Commission, Newport Corporation (laser technology company). Tony Hsu later became the founder of a venture capital firm Tech Coast Angels. 


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