Dr. Ye Wa (叶娃)

Ye Wa

Dr. Ye Wa serves as a professor of archaeology at University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA). She also is a commissioner at the Getty Museum and a distinguished researcher at Shaanxi Institute of Archaeology. Upon graduation from China’s Northwest University with a bachelor’s degree in archaeology, Dr. Ye Wa began her specialization in Neolithic Period and Tang Dynasty mortuary practices.  

Since 2010, Dr. Ye Wa has led foreign students to excavate Yangguanzhai, the site of one of China’s largest  Neolithic villages, located on the outskirts of Xi’an. The site was selected as one of the “Top Ten New Archaeological Discoveries in China in 2017.  

Dr. Ye Wa holds a master’s degree in anthropology from Oregon University and a doctorate degree in archaeology from UCLA. She leads WildChina travelers around major archaeological sites around the Middle Kingdom, such as the Silk Road posts of Xi’an and Lanzhou. 

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