Outdoor Education: Not Just Nature, But Culture Too

Outdoor Education: Not Just Nature, But Culture Too

Making the Wild more accessible isn’t only in our name, it’s in our hearts. As such, it’s a great joy to see our vision for what outdoor education should encompass come to fruition. We hope...
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best podcasts on china

The Best Podcasts on China

Understanding a country as vast and diverse as China can be a tricky business, especially since the amount of available information on the country is seemingly just as infinite.  This is why we love to travel, as it allows us to share our...
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Tianluokeng's tulou
March 24, 2021

Chinese Vernacular Architecture with Professor Luo Deyin 罗德胤 [in Mandarin] (Event #13)

If you've traveled around China before, you may have observed the rustic courtyard-style siheyuan homes in Beijing or the round, earthen tulou buildings in Fujian. In our conversation with Professor Luo Deyin of Tsinghua University,...
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ancestral shrine
March 17, 2021

Ancestral Shrines with Professor Luo Deyin 罗德胤 [in Mandarin] (Event #27)

Ancestral shrines are major spiritual and cultural elements of Chinese tradition. To learn more, we chat with Professor Deyin Luo from the School of Architecture at Tsinghua University to learn more about these ancestral halls...
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roof architecture
March 5, 2021

Temples as Museums of Vernacular Culture: Architecture with Professor Luo Deyin 罗德胤 [in Mandarin] (Event #33)

Why are temples considered museums of vernacular culture? And what does this mean exactly? Discover how Chinese temples reflect rich Chinese cultural heritage and religion, from Professor Luo Deyin of the School of Architecture at...
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beijing exam hall
March 4, 2021

Educational and Cultural Architecture with Professor Luo Deyin 罗德胤 [in Mandarin] (Event #36)

Join us as we chat with Luo Deyin, Professor of Architecture at Tsinghua University, to uncover the architectural significance of the Chinese imperial examination system. Learn how this education system, which lasted for thousands of...
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Christie's Auction
March 2, 2021

How to Collect Monet: A Conversation with Christie’s Impressionist and Modern Art Specialist Tan Bo 谭波 [in Mandarin] (Event #42)

We are thrilled to present our conversation with Tan Bo, the International Director of Impressionist and Modern Art at Christie's. Tan Bo, having worked for one of the most renowned international art auction houses in...
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