Xi’an Private Tours

Home of the unflinching terracotta warriors, Xi'an is one of the oldest and most historically significant cities in China.

Our Xi’an tours delve deep into the many hidden stories of this city. Xi’an was once where all parts of the world converged on a single point; the gateway between East and West along the Silk Road. From here, traders would set out on dangerous journeys westward with China’s delicacies loaded up onto their pack mules.

And though Beijing has stolen the thunder as China’s new capital, emperors of old ruled China from Xi’an for thousands of years. Let our local Xi’an tour guide tell you the stories of Silk Road and the fascinating mix of cultures that still coexist in this city today. Whether cycling on the ancient city wall, or strolling through the winding byways of the Muslim quarter, this is a city whose streets are filled with history.

xi'an bell tower

Chinese Treasures

15 Days
Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter
Experience the sights in style on this reboot of a classic China circuit. You'll picnic on the Great Wall, get up close with Xi'an's Terracotta Warriors, see pandas in Chengdu, travel the ancient tea road […]
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