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Sometimes WildChina ends up in interesting places on the information superhighway, so I thought it would be nice to share some of these links of WildChina on the Web. I realize that these have been out there for a while – let’s just say they took the slow boat from the US to get to the Beijing office.

  • Here’s a blog post written by Tom Swick of the Florida Sun-Sentinel. He mentions a letter our founder Mei Zhang sent out in May after the Sichuan earthquake.  We’re still thankful that our guides in the area came away unharmed, and were glad to hear that the earthquake yesterday in California was relatively minor.
  • For those of you looking for a secret “in” to the Olympics, check out this recent Forbes article mentioning WildChina. While we can’t promise you tickets to the opening ceremony, we can help you beat the crowds on custom tours outside of Beijing.
  • Finally, while the BBC program “Wild China” is not affiliated with this WildChina, we’ve been getting a few inquiries about going on the same trips as that camera crew. While we can’t exactly duplicate their routes, we’re always excited to show people the largely unknown (until now??) beauty of China’s wilderness.
  • Here’s an interview our founder Mei Zhang did for Everett Potter’s TRAVEL REPORT.* In it, she talks about China travel safety, little-known but incredible locations, and finding the off-the-beaten-path  China even in Beijing and Shanghai.
  • Wow! Glowing WildChina endorsement from Fodor’s: “This foreign-managed travel company is probably the best in China.”
  • Familiar faces: Here’s a bio on Albert Ng, WildChina’s trusty CEO. Albert will be speaking on the Future of Travel in China at the World Travel Mart conference in London this November.

*Our readers in China may find it difficult to access Everett Potter’s travel blog.

As I discover more places WildChina has traveled to on the web I’ll post a new list of links. Let me know in the comments if I missed something!

WildChina on the Web

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