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WildChina‘s Vice President Paul Moreno was recently interviewed for Marketplace, a popular news radio show featured on public radio stations across the United States.

About the piece: While Beijing- based businesses of course had high expectations for the Olympics, WildChina was always realistic about the challenges that the Games would bring to touring. In a part of the interview that wasn’t quoted, Paul goes on to talk about how WildChina has navigated last-minute road and scenic spot closures and changes in hotel policies.

Thanks to the careful planning of our staff and good relationships with networks in Beijing and greater China, we have proved that we can handle trips at very high levels of complexity and still live up to our reputation as the best in China.

Overall, I think the message that might not have come across in the piece is that our trips have been different — more tours around Beijing, quick jaunts to Xi’an, a day here and there after the closing ceremony — but that this was to be expected in the context of the Games.

All in all, the Olympics are showing the world that China is an exciting place to be, and WildChina is of course happy about anything that gets people interested in experiencing China, especially if they want to experience China differently.

WildChina Featured in Marketplace Report
WildChina Featured in Marketplace Report

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