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Finding unique clothing that satisfies the needs of WildChina guides in China’s coldest areas, while allowing them to look the part when in remote boutique hotels, is not an easy task. When leading off-the-beaten-path tours to China’s most remote regions, how does a rugged, adventurous guide maintain a clean, professional look? Khunu to the rescue.


We at WildChina are delighted to announce our partnership with Khunu, a premium clothing company focused on producing high-quality adventure wear from Tibetan and Mongolian yak wool. This season, it will be clothing our Shangri-La region guides in Khunu Chimera tops – soft, lightweight and warm garments that are perfect for guiding bespoke trips with sophistication in colder weather. These guides are the perfect adventurers to sport the socially-conscious brand, as Shangri-La is known for its rich cultural diversity and notable population of yaks.

WildChina founder Mei Zhang is impressed by both quality and cultural significance of their garments. “When I first heard about what Khunu was doing,” she says, “I was intrigued by the concept but unsure about what the products would be like. It was something of a surprise to feel how warm and soft their garments are.”  (Yak wool has a luxurious feel that can often be mistaken for cashmere, though it is warmer and notably more durable.) In addition to its high level of quality, Mei notes, “the unique link [the garments] have to the regions to which we travel gives them additional relevance” to WildChina’s mission of enabling travelers to experience China differently.

To celebrate the WildChina-Khunu alliance, as well as a new womens line for the Autumn/Winter Collection, Khunu is offering WildChina supporters a limited time 15% discount on all new sweaters through November 11, 2010. Customers can use the code “wildchina” during checkout at the Khunu online store.


Visit the Khunu website for more information on their story, products, and adventurous ambassadors.

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