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Traveling in China, in our opinion, is one of the best ways a person can spend their time. Whether you’re walking through the incense laden air of an ancient temple, touching the well worn steps of the Great Wall, or enjoying the sweetness of local tea in Yunnan, you’re sure to be learning something. However, in the midst of your adventures, you may suddenly realize you need to get in touch with a loved one back home. Maybe it’s business, maybe it’s a birthday, or maybe you just want to gush about the Peking Duck you had for lunch. Whatever the case, your first question will be: “Can I call home from here?”

Tips on calling home from China

As with any other aspect of a WildChina trip, we can tailor your communication options according to your needs. In major cities, calling is easy, but for some very rural areas this isn’t the case. While the cost of having a satellite phone for a week can run over $700, it is something we are happy to provide if you need to remain in constant contact. If you need to make local calls while traveling in China, WildChina can also arrange for you to have a temporary phone during your stay. This is significantly cheaper and will make getting around easier if you choose to go exploring on your own.

Tips on calling home from China

However we also realize that many of the best travel experiences come when one fully removes themselves from home and engages in the new environment they find themselves in. For many of our student trips, part of the fun is being out of contact with home and having a chance to be independent. Of course, parents need not fear, if they wish to contact our guides to check on their children they are only a phone call away.

Tips on calling home from China

Should the unexpected occur, do not worry, WildChina will be there to assist you. We once had a client who lost his wallet when he was in China. Because this gentleman had lost all his money, he could not buy a calling card to cancel his credit cards back in the states. Our guide stepped in and let the man use the guide’s personal phone to call the U.S.

As we said before, we believe there is no finer use of time than traveling in China, and we hope you’ll come join us soon. After all, your next fall adventure could be just around the corner.


In our opinion, enjoying a vacation means leaving all your worries behind. We hope this post will put any concerns you have about communication at rest but if you still have more don’t hesitate to be in touch at info@wildchina.com

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