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Below is a blog written by WildChina Explorer Grant Applicants Andrew and Jon about their idea for exploring China. If you think their idea is cool show your support on our Pinterest, Youtube, Twitter, and Facebook pages.

Where to begin … after five years in college and countless nights in the library I’m ready to hit the road with my best friend Jon.  This isn’t just some road trip to Kansas City.  This is an once-in-a-lifetime motorcycle adventure around China. To pinpoint what inspired this crazy idea is hard to say, it is more or less a culmination of conversations around campfires, posts on Facebook, and childhood bedtime stories of yesteryear’s explorers.  But now that this dream has transformed into an incipient reality we must explain what our goal is and also illustrate why it is important.

This trip is more than just about having a good time and motorcycles, however I would be a liar to say that these aren’t important incentives; this trip is about creating your own journey and taking the road less traveled.  It is about curiosity and self-discovery, it is about uncovering the vast amount of traditions, people, and landscapes that are alive within the country that we don’t get to see in the front pages of the news.

WildChina Explorer Grant proposal: A Ride Across China

Inspired by my childhood-favorite explorer Sven Hedin, our expedition will follow many of his 19th and 20th century travels throughout Central and Western China. Through comparing and contrasting the China he witnessed with the China of present-day, we hope to illustrate a rich and vibrant story by documenting the people we meet, the food we eat, and the landscapes we ride across.

If you’re itching to explore with us check out our facebook, weibo (A_Ride_Across_China), and youtube pages, all your support (likes, comments, or whatever you fancy) will help us get one step closer to getting on those bikes and living the dream of completing A Ride Across China.

Thanks Andrew and Jon


To find out more about our WildChina Explorer Grant check out the contest’s official page on our website.

Photos by Andrew and Jon

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