WildChina Attends Pacific Asian Travel Association Forum

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On January 19th, the Chengdu Culture and Tourism Group (CDCTG) and Jiuzhai Valley National Park (JVNP) hosted a workshop in Jiuzhaigou on Destination Crisis Management and Marketing. Who was there? What is that? And to quote one of our Facebook followers “who cares?” All good questions. Supported by the Pacific Asian Travel Association (PATA), the forum featured not only representatives from CDCTG and JVPN, but we heard from PATA’s CMO Alexander Rayner, as well as John Koldowski, a special advisor to PATA’s CEO. On hand from WildChina was our very own Director of Marketing, Nellie Connolly.

WildChina Attends Pacific Asian Travel Association Forum

Discussions during the day covered a range of topics from ways to improve hotel standards, to crisis management strategy, as well as a look at what benefits new technology has brought to travelers. Looking to the future, the discussions addressed the important issue of the sustainable development of the Jiuzhaigou’s Zharu valley. As part of WildChina’s efforts to have a positive impact on the destinations we travel to, we feel it is particularly important to be involved in discussions like this. As Nellie noted after the conference “Traveling is about learning. If we aren’t learning ourselves, and helping to shape a positive travel future, how can we do a good job introducing other people to China?”


If you have more questions about the forum, or questions about travel in China in general, send us an email at info@wildchina.com and we will be happy to assist you.

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