Top 7 WildChina Experiences for the Whole Family

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1. Kungfu class at Shaolin Temple with student monks

After seeing the Legends of Kungfu show in Beijing, you’ll be itching to try out some of the moves yourself. Bring everyone along and head to one of China’s most well-known kung fu schools where you can learn to kick like Bruce Lee!


2. Peking Opera Painting Studio Photo Shoot

We’re not just taking you to see a performance here, you can pretend that you’re the show! Come visit a Peking Opera hutong and let them paint your face and dress you up like a Peking Opera star.


3. Ride the maglev

Zip past the city of Shanghai in this ultra-high-tech train. Kids and parents alike won’t believe just how fast the scenery goes by when you’re magnetically floating just above the ground at over 300 mph.


4. Design a Chinese shadow puppet in a hutong courtyard house

Visit a traditional courtyard home and design and build traditional Chinese toys like kites and puppets. You can try your hand at Chinese yo-yoing.


5. ERA acrobats show

China’s acrobats are famous the world over for their bend-over-backwards performances. These talented athletes will shock you with their physical feats and – and with their courage!


6. Get to know China’s cuddliest national icon

Head for the Bifengxia nature reserve, for an up-close and personal panda play time. You’ll get to feed and care for the pandas right alongside park rangers in this beautiful reserve that closely resembles a Panda’s natural habitat.


7. Forbidden City treasure hunt

We’ve designed a game that takes families on a search-and-find adventure through the Forbidden City. You’ll look more closely at everything when you’re trying to find a hidden clue, learning important facts and fascinating stories along the way.