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This month will be the inaugural Beshan Gāi, an exciting celebration of artisan China in the form of a 1-day boutique bazaar. As the day draws nearer, here is a ‘sneak peek’ from Tang’ Roulou, just one of the talented artisans who will be joining us.

Tang roulou BLOG

Tang’ Roulou 糖葫芦

Beijing-based children’s clothing brand Tang’ Roulou was founded in 2007, a poetic answer to French designers Amélie and Pierre-Yves’ perception of Chinese culture. They draw inspiration from their daily lives in China’s capital as well as from their travels throughout the country.

They not only collect inspiration on their trips but also colorful and patterned materials that they repurpose in their designs. From tiny architectural details noticed in Beijing’s hutong to the floral material of bridal veils worn by fishermen’s wives in Fujian, their passion for yesterday’s China is sewn into all of their pieces, assembled and embroidered by hand.

Tang' Roulou 2 BLOG

Beshan Gāi will bring together hand-crafted and hand cultivated treasures from all corners of the country to Beijing. Join us at The Opposite House on Saturday September 19th to shop, wine and dine in style and sophistication. Click below to visit the Beshan Gāi site:

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