Can You Travel to China Alone?

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Are you wondering, “Can you travel to China alone?” As China experts, we’d like to share our insider opinion with you before you book a ticket to Beijing.

China is a vast, varied and complex country which stretches from the wilds of Tibet to the enormous mega cities of Shanghai and Beijing. As with everywhere in the world, you should exercise common sense when traveling alone in China, but on the whole you’re likely to find it a very safe place to travel. Solo female travelers in China frequently report that they feel more safe walking the Chinese streets alone at night than they would back home in Europe or America. Violent crime against tourists in China is almost unheard of.

Although it is completely safe to travel to China alone, we’d be remiss not to tell you about an even better way to see China: through a WildChina Small Group Tour. There are a number of reasons we would recommend you choose to travel on one of our WildChina Small Group Tours instead of venture out on your own. Here are just a few of the top reasons:

1. A Knowledgeable Local Guide

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Outside of the tourist hotspots and cosmopolitan metropolises few locals speak English and the culture shock may be off-putting to the cautious solo traveller. On a WildChina Small Group Tour, you can benefit from the local knowledge and convenience of an experienced guide who’ll take care of everything for you.

Since all of our guides are local to the region they cover, they know all the insider spots and have rich knowledge of the local culture and history. We also personally train every WildChina guide to ensure top-rate service with a personal touch.

On all WildChina Small Group Tours, the guides share their passion for their home and will give you an authentic taste of what makes their region unique. They will help you to converse with local people in the regional dialect and can give you opportunities to participate in daily life that most tourists would miss out on.

Some Small Group Tours are even led by experts in the field like award-winning food writer Fuchsia Dunlop’s Gastronomic Tour of China which is a foodie’s adventure and WildChina Explorer Jeff Fuchs’ Ancient Tea and Horse Road which will take you through the process of cultivating the world’s best tea.

2. Enjoy Privileged Access and Unique Experiences

Can You Travel to China Alone?

Traveling by yourself might make you stick to the well-worn paths of popular tourist sites. Going off-the-beaten path in China requires connections and language skills that you might not possess.

When you’re on a WildChina Small Group Tour, you open yourself up to many more possibilities for adventure. Not only that, but we also have exclusive privileges and access to sites that even the most seasoned traveler wouldn’t be able to enjoy on their own.

We have access to VIP experiences such as a side car ride through the French Concession or dinner in a local Naxi ethnic minority home that will provide for a truly unique China experience. How does a champagne picnic on the Great Wall or learning the art of Chinese calligraphy with a master sound? These are the types of life-changing moments you’ll enjoy on a WildChina Small Group Tour.

Don’t come all this way to have a mediocre time. WildChina Small Group Tours leave no stone unturned as we expertly guide you through the riches of the Middle Kingdom.

3. Meet like-minded travelers and make life-long friendships

Can You Travel to China Alone?

Another benefit of traveling on a small group tour is that you’ll get to meet like-minded travelers who share your spirit for adventure. Sharing meals with other intrepid travelers is a great way to make long-lasting friendships.

Your traveling partners may even open your eyes to experiences you would have missed out on if you’d gone out on your own. Together with your WildChina local guide, you won’t miss a thing on your quest for an authentic and eye-opening experience.

If you like the freedom and independence of solo travel and also want the comfort and local knowledge of a group tour, consider taking a small group tour with WildChina. You’ll make friends with people who share your passion for travel and have stories that you’ll want to retell for a lifetime.

Browse our small group tours and speak with one of our travel specialists! 

If you’d still like to go at your own pace but benefit from our insider knowledge, you can customize one of our itineraries to match your free-spirited needs. Let’s get started planning your custom itinerary.