Why First Time Visitors to China Should Consider A Small Group Tour

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First time visitors to China can feel overwhelmed by the sheer choice of attractions, as well as the logistical and language barriers in visiting the country. This is why we’re here to hold your hand and navigate the confusing process for you. 

Many people considering their first trip to China can feel overwhelmed by the scale of the country. They want to see so much of its vast terrain, yet don’t want to break the bank. What’s more, the sheer logistics of planning flights, hotel bookings and local transport can be another time-consuming headache.

A simple solution is to book a tour with China experts who’ll guide you through every step of the process. Planning any trip with WildChina offers comfortable, stress-free and exhilarating travel. We can customize any of our itineraries to fit your interests and will help you book domestic flights and rooms in our preferred partner hotels.

But for first-timers, you may also want to consider joining one of our WildChina Small Group Tours. By ‘group tour’ we don’t mean a small army of tourists jostling to get within earshot of their guide, but a small group of up to 12 likeminded companions discovering the wonders of the Middle Kingdom.

One of our favorite small group tours is our Essence of China Journey. Let’s take a look at the experiences you’ll have on this tour and the benefits of traveling with a small group.


 Likeminded companions

From exploring the quaint streets of China’s water towns to hiking through dreamy, jade green peaks, or cycling Xi’an’s ancient city walls, many of China’s wonders are supposed to be seen with others. Who knows, these new companions could be lifelong friends.

Why First Time Visitors to China Should Consider A Small Group Tour

Traveling with others is more likely to push travelers out of their comfort zone, opening their eyes to new experiences that they might initially overlook, like watching Chinese opera or learning Chinese yo-yo. After all, it’s these little surprises that make for some of the most unforgettable memories.

Why First Time Visitors to China Should Consider A Small Group Tour

Chinese people love to eat together, sharing several small dishes at one table, expertly picking out their favorite morsels with chopsticks. Group travel means eating as the locals do at a communal dining table.  Our Essence of China tour takes  travelers’ taste buds on a culinary voyage across China with diverse and mouthwatering cuisine from Beijing, Xi’an, Guangxi and Shanghai.

VIP Experiences

On our Essence of China Small Group Tour you’ll get to experience a number of our signature VIP experiences. You’ll enjoy a champagne brunch on the Great Wall and spend time discussing the iconic sight with Great Wall expert William Lindesay. You’ll learn calligraphy from a master and once you’ve enjoyed exclusive access to the Forbidden City’s Chonghua Palace, it will be easy to understand why Chinese people are so proud of their 5,000 years of history.

With a group of fellow curious travelers, we’ll pull out all the stops and deliver signature VIP experiences that only WildChina can offer.

See it all

Traveling in a group means sticking to a tighter schedule, and allows travelers to see more, in a shorter time scale; like marveling at China’s glorious history, its heady vision of modernity and its dreamlike scenery.


A first-timer’s tour of China isn’t complete without relishing in the imposing display of clay soldiers at Xi’an’s Terracotta Army. These life-like figures have been standing guard over China’s first emperor for two millennia. And nowhere is China’s astounding transformation more apparent than on Shanghai’s dazzling skyline, a blend of skyscrapers and cranes stretching as far as the eye can see.

Beyond all that there’ll also be time to relax and enjoy the quieter side of China, with the slower, natural rhythms of village life found among the picturesque rice terraces and mist-shrouded karst peaks of the country’s far south.

This fall, get to the heart of China with our unique highlights trip for first-time visitors. From the poetic karst peaks of Guilin to the futuristic towers of cosmopolitan Shanghai, join an intimate group of like-minded adventurers aboard our Essence of China tour which runs Oct 16-29, 2017.