4 Perfect Mother’s Day Trips in China

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Mother’s Day is the perfect opportunity to celebrate mom and show your gratitude for her presence in your life. If you’re looking to do something more memorable than flowers and a greeting card this year, we’ve got just the idea.

Here are a few inspiring destinations for Mother’s Day trips that are sure to help you and your mom enjoy life-changing memories together. If your mom is already in China, all of these trips make a great long-weekend away. If not, why not combine several destinations and create a totally customized journey your mom will love.


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If your mother loves tea and traditional architecture, consider Hangzhou your next destination. A short hourlong bullet train ride away from Shanghai, Hangzhou will surprise and delight your mom with its charms. If your mom had an image in her mind of “classical China,” Hangzhou will fit the bill.

Hangzhou is known for its picturesque West Lake and if you travel with WildChina, we can arrange you and your mom a fun champagne picnic on a private boat.

Outside the city, Hangzhou is also famous for Longjing Tea, also known as Dragon’s Well Tea. With its expansive, lush tea fields to tour and wide variety of freshly farmed tea leaves to choose from, your mom will love wandering the beautiful landscape and learning all about her favorite types of tea. You and mom can sip hot green tea while admiring some of China’s most impressive Buddhist statues. What a treat!



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Does your mom love her cabinet filled with fine china? Then Jingdezhen is the perfect getaway for her. Jingdezhen is actually the mecca of Chinese porcelain dating back to the Song Dynasty. The emperor decided he’d only decorate his palace with porcelain made in this town. Here you and your mom will learn about the history of Chinese ceramics and watch artisans throw pots using traditional methods. 

On a WildChina journey, we will also take you to the mountains where the rare kaolin clay was mined and give you a private lesson on throwing and glazing your own porcelain wares. There will also be a chance to venture to the hip Taoxichuan art district to wander through stalls of more contemporary ceramic arts created by local university students.

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Art Weekend in Beijing

Beijing has recently become one of Asia’s top cities for contemporary art fans. There are endless options for art lovers in Beijing’s 798 and Caochangdi art districts. The area boasts everything from graffiti to outdoor sculptures to historical, cultural and impressively appointed art galleries. If you travel with WildChina, we can even arrange a contemporary art expert to guide you through the exhibitions. 

Learn about the intricate pottery and colorful tapestries of ancient dynasties, and just next door experience modern art installations by emerging Chinese artists. Your mom’s sure to be wowed by this journey.


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If mom enjoys spicy food, wildlife and nature, look no further than Chengdu. This popular destination offers the hottest Chinese food you can imagine, gorgeous greenery and of course the iconic panda bear.

On WildChina’s Into Sichuan’s Wild: China Panda Tour, you’ll have the unforgettable opportunity to head out of the city and track giant pandas in their natural habitat. This tour offers you unique, exclusive access to nature reserves in the area, accompanied by a conservation expert. You can even choose to volunteer as a panda keeper in Dujiangyan Panda Reserve.

Mom will cherish the opportunity to experience the real China with you in tow. Why not surprise her this Mother’s Day with a gift she’ll never forget?