Consider a China Trip for Father’s Day!

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From teaching us to ride a bike to helping with our first shave (for some of us anyway!), we have a lot to be thankful for when it comes to dads. With Father’s Day fast approaching on June 17th, what better way to celebrate your dad than by arranging an incredible experience that all the family can enjoy together. Indeed, trekking through rugged landscapes or catching glimpses of rare and exotic species are just a few of a long list of unforgettable experiences to be shared with your dad when travelling with WildChina.

Consider a China Trip for Father's Day!

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For the History Buff: Yunnan’s Flying Tigers

For dads that just love to delve into the past, we have just the thing. Our Flying Tigers Tour stretches through Yunnan province in southern China and is absolutely brimming with history, telling the tale of American fighter jets as they protected the Burma Road during WWII.

This tour not only delves into the colorful past of clandestine operations, it passes through stunning scenery. Here, you will get the chance to explore the Gaoligong Mountains and discover welcoming ethnic minority villages, such as those of the Naxi people. For the history buffs out there, this lesser known history of China is sure to impress.

Consider a China Trip for Father's Day!

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For the Adventurer: Gansu- Origins of the Silk Road

If you’re looking for an interesting mixture of history and rugged landscapes, look no further than Gansu province, Lonely Planet’s best destination in Asia for 2017. This region, full of rainbow-colored mountains and ancient landforms, was once considered the last outpost along the Silk Road before adventurers and traders tackled the imposing deserts to the West.

In Gansu, you and your dad can soak in the sights and smells, even learning how to make the regional (and our) favorite, Lanzhou beef noodle soup. Alternatively, meander through the myriad of Mogao Grottoes with a Buddhist expert and learn more about Buddhist culture and art.

Consider a China Trip for Father's Day!

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For the Novelty-Seeker: Hoh Xil

We recently highlighting Hoh Xil as one of our top destinations in Western China and it’s a must-visit destination for dads with a love for the outdoors. This exclusive reserve, set up high on the Tibetan plateau, features extreme climates and overwhelming views. Hoh Xil is a truly unforgettable destination – named the highest and largest plateau in the world by UNESCO in 2017.

A trip to Hoh Xil may just leave the old man speechless this Father’s Day.

Consider a China Trip for Father's Day!

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For his Bucket List – The Grand Tour

To mark the Father’s Day of all Father’s Days, we have the Grand Tour, an all bells and all whistles showstopper that is sure to enthrall and amaze your dad. On this spectacular journey through the Middle Kingdom, there really is a bit of everything, from majestic landscapes to vibrant and historical cities. In just ten days, you can get a real flavor of this varied country and share experiences with your dad that will last a lifetime. Take in the contemporary art of Shanghai or learn ancient customs of ethnic minority groups, the choice is yours.

One thing is certain however, WildChina will take care of everything, so that you (or your dad) don’t have to. Happy Father’s Day!


Great Wall Photo Credit: William Lindesay