Why Venture Beyond the Middle Kingdom with China Experts?

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It’s no secret that we’re China-mad but we’re also passionate about going to where our hearts compel us. Occasionally, that means leaving our beloved Middle Kingdom behind. With our “Beyond China” collection of journeys, we struck out to new and exotic frontiers: the timeless, temple-strewn Buddhist paradise of Myanmar; Laos, land of a million elephants and 140 ethnic groups; and Bhutan, that secretive and deeply spiritual ‘kingdom in the clouds’ where untainted magic awaits.

Here’s why you should consider venturing beyond the Middle Kingdom with WildChina.


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Border Hopping

Whether you’re traveling from far overseas or from one of China’s very own bustling metropolises, incorporating different countries into one journey is easily done with WildChina. It will add a whole extra layer of value to your adventure.

You’ll often hear us raving on about how incredible Yunnan is, well how about visiting Yunnan and Laos all in one go? These two regions border one another and will allow you to witness cross border minority cultures, as well as sampling the varying cuisines. This journey will take you from the rice paddies to the famed Mekong river, and with WildChina at hand, you can be assured of a stress-free adventure.

Why Venture Beyond the Middle Kingdom with China Experts?

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The WildChina Touch

Just because we’re leaving our frontiers doesn’t mean we’ll be leaving our world-class service behind too. With tours and experiences that stretch into five other countries, we’ve made sure each and every one of our trips abide by the same excellent service, including accommodation, travel and guides.

Much like our guides within China, all of our Beyond China guides are local insiders with on-the-ground knowledge and a passion for sharing the very best of their culture. Having tested all of the tours for ourselves, you can be guaranteed of the WildChina touch when you venture beyond the Middle Kingdom with us; roaming with elephants in Chiang Mai’s lush jungles is just one of our favorites!

Why Venture Beyond the Middle Kingdom with China Experts?

Photo by Muang La Resort and Spa

Our Travel Philosophy

From our very first founding days, WildChina has been true to its establishing philosophy of luxury, experiential, and responsible travel. Developing countries such as China can at times be difficult to travel due to a whole mix of things, ranging from limited infrastructure to language and cultural barriers. One reason why our guests love traveling with WildChina is how we overcome these problems, serving up off-the-beaten-track experiences while retaining the luxury touch our guests enjoy. With our Beyond China destinations, we’ve extended our services with the same philosophy, meaning that you’ll still be enjoying that luxury touch all while discovering less travelled paths. An example of this is our Aman tour through Bhutan. This journey will take you up and up into the mystic Himalayas where you’ll visit the Tiger’s Nest and experience a culture frozen in time. Trips like this are what wanderlust is made of, and with the comfort of the luxurious Amankora to return to at the end of a jam-packed day, you’ll be able to find your own personal bliss, high up in a kingdom above the clouds.

With Asia being such a diverse and culturally exciting region, the travel opportunities really are akin to none. With new regions and zones continuously being opened up and discovered, now is definitely the time to join us on adventures that span both the Middle Kingdom and its various neighbors, all in true WildChina fashion, of course. Get in touch with our experienced travel designers to see how we could incorporate a Beyond China destination with your next WildChina trip.