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World leaders in luxury experiential travel, here at WildChina we also offer educational programs, blending our passion for learning with our travel know-how. We already offer a vast range of trips across the nation – from development projects in Guizhou to getting all science-y in Shenzhen – and are excited to announce a new adventure for our younger intrepid travelers.

Our new public health program will transport students through a number of interesting and diverse destinations in the Zhejiang region. Taking in aspects from environmental and food safety to animal care and disease prevention, this program will provide a hands-on look at public health in the Middle Kingdom.

Here are a few things to look forward to on a public health educational trip with WildChina…



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Water Purification

Not far from the city of Hangzhou lies Qiandao Lake, a manmade reservoir whose Chinese name translates as the ‘lake of a thousand islands.’ The name does not lie! As well as being an area of stunning natural beauty, the lake plays a significant role in the drinking water supply for eastern China – making it the perfect place to learn about public health. At the Nongfu Spring Water plant, students will get to witness the water purification and bottling process from start to finish. They’ll also get to dive in (not literally, don’t worry) and develop their own water purification systems.



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Animal Care

With a history of animal husbandry spanning centuries, animals have long played an important role in the day-to-day lives of humans. So, if you love animals, this part of the trip will certainly be a highlight. With a visit to one of the largest animal clinics in the country, students will learn all about animal care – from how to keep pets to animal disease prevention. We’ll also consider the relationship between humans and animals, and the risks to public health animals can pose. There will be opportunities for students to discuss their ideas with both peers and local authorities.



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Food Hygiene

Zhejiang province is famous for its tofu and a local factory will invite us to learn the process of food production and hygiene. We’ll watch the process from start to finish and make recommendations for improvements. And we won’t stop there. We’ll carry out pesticide tests in a local wet market and learn about the role of Traditional Chinese Medicine in the nation’s health.

With a strong belief that travel and education go hand-in-hand, we also know that public health is one of the most increasingly pressing issues in our world today, and one that with the right knowledge, we can improve.

To find out more about this exciting opportunity, get in touch with one of our experienced travel and education specialists.