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Once again, WildChina founder Mei Zhang has been named a Top Travel Specialist by Condé Nast Traveler (for the ninth year in a row to be precise!). Known for sourcing the most luxurious and authentic travel experiences, CNTraveler magazine chooses but a few travel experts from each region to feature on their list of trusted specialists- showcasing the year’s best of the best when it comes to the travel industry. Read on to see how Mei continues to earn her spot on the list.


Photo by WildChina’s Christine Xu

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Mei and the WildChina team will…Intuit your desires before you even know what they are

A keen traveler and humanitarian, Mei has witnessed all sides of the tourism trade, from hiking remote and inaccessible mountains in Yunnan to working alongside NGOs in Sichuan. With such a breadth of experience, Mei has the intuition and knowledge to match our guests with the most suitable travel experiences. With her added creativity, our guests are pleasantly surprised time and time again, previously unaware of all the amazing travel opportunities there are on offer within China. Whether it’s trekking through the misty hills of Sichuan on the trail of wild pandas or sipping a cool glass of champagne in one of Beijing’s most elegant locations, Mei and the WildChina team will intuit your desires before you even know what they are, taking travel to a whole new level.


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Mei and the WildChina team will…Create perspective-changing experiences

Hailing from China’s southern province of Yunnan, Mei understands the importance of scratching beneath the surface when it comes to authentic travel experiences. With her very own region home to so many ethnic minorities, traveling with Mei will bring you closer to the heart of local cultures, traditions and people. From taking part in a local Naxi ceremony, to hushed exchanges with Tibetan monks, Mei’s style of travel will immerse you in a destination in a truly perspective-changing way. These experiences which would otherwise be inaccessible through solo travel are what will make your WildChina journey so memorable.


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Mei and the WildChina team have…Grit and access

When you pair up a hefty helping of grit and determination with some sought-after exclusive access, you get some truly magical travel experiences. Having worked tirelessly over the years to discover China’s most astounding destinations and uncover China’s long and colorful history, Mei and the WildChina team bring you unprecedented access to some of the best adventures the industry can offer. With Mei’s distinguishing features at the heart of WildChina’s ethos, we make sure that every journey is full of secret delights, giving our guests a true VIP experience. This could be anything from learning tai chi in the sacred Wudang Mountains, to understanding more about Shanghai’s Jewish history guided by renown scholars.


Photo by Elizabeth Phung for “Travels Through Dali: with a leg of ham

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Mei and the WildChina team have…On the ground know-how that you can’t live without

When it comes to putting your faith in someone to design and organize your journey of a lifetime, a travel expert with personal, hands-on experience is considered indispensable. With on the ground know-how, Mei and the WildChina team truly have tried and tested every travel experience we promote within China, making sure only those up to standard make the final cut. This deep knowledge of a destination will shine through at every turn of a WildChina journey, making it a feature of travel you simply can’t live without. Join Mei on a journey back to Yunnan, where you will visit the area that first inspired her to travel, and learn how to cook the delicious and succulent ham so famed throughout the Dali region.

Bringing travel to life in the most inventive, ethical, and authentic way is what makes Mei the travel expert she is, rightfully earning her spot on CNTraveler’s 2018 list of Top Travel Specialists We Trust – here’s to many more years!