Mei Zhang Selected for Wendy Perrin’s WOW List 2023

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We are excited to announce that WildChina founder, Mei Zhang, has, for the ninth consecutive year, been selected for a place on Wendy Perrin’s WOW List.

It’s rare to find someone who aligns on every level with what you are seeking to do, but Wendy is that person. She, like us, never settles for anything less than extraordinary, and her commitment to ensuring her travelers have those jaw-dropping moments, the ones that stay with you as the defining, life-changing moment of the trip, is one hundred percent our style. It is an honor to work with Wendy and we look forward to another year of WOWing her travelers on their China journeys!

Mei Zhang Selected for Wendy Perrin’s WOW List 2023

What is the WOW List?

This year 86 “top local fixers” from around the globe have been selected for the WOW List, a collection of exceptionally knowledgeable and well-connected trip planners around the world that have been rigorously road-tested, based on Wendy’s decades of experience as a travel journalist and based on the latest trip reviews from travelers who used her WOW approach to ensure an extraordinary trip.

Wendy goes on to specify that “it has never been harder for a travel specialist to earn—or keep—a spot on The WOW List. That’s because post-pandemic conditions have made international travel more complicated. It takes more time and knowhow now to arrange, trouble-shoot, and double-check every itinerary, and to have a Plan B at the ready in case a flight cancellation, heat wave, or new variant throws a wrench into plans.”