Salome Tan Bo (谭波)

Vice President and Regional Director of Christie’s Impressionist and Modern Art Department (China)
Tan Bo photo

Salome Tan Bo is the vice president of Christie’s Impressionist and Modern Art and the regional director for China. She attended the Academy of Fine Arts at Tsinghua University where she received both a bachelor’s and master’s degree in art history. 

Salome Tan Bo is the associate editor and author of “The Complete Collection of World Art·Foreign Painting Classics” published by People’s Fine Arts Publishing House. She also writes on Western modern art collection and market for various other art magazines.

Her extensive work experience in the art market and auction industry spans over ten years. From 2004 to 2014, Salome Tan Bo served as the director of Beijing Chengxuan Auction Company and the head of the modern and contemporary art department. And, in 2015, she joined Christie’s to work directly on the promotion and growth of the Impressionist and Modern Art department’s global auction business in Greater China. 


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