Zhong Tai (钟泰)

Deputy Director of Baima Snow Mountain Nature Reserve & Winner of the Alashan SEE Ecological Award
Zhong Tai

In 1983 when the Baima Snow Mountain Nature Reserve was first established, Zhong Tai was among the first individuals officially in charge of protecting the Yunnan Golden Monkey. His work involved harnessing resources from the government, experts and individuals, to gradually form an entire system of nature reserves. In 1985, Zhong Tai partnered the primate expert, Long Yongcheng, to research and protect wild animals, starting with an endevor to find and record the Yunnan Golden Monkey

Zhong Tai is a nationally recognized nature reserve expert, with wide scientific knowledge of species and ecological protection. He has also published 13 reports and articles featured in international publications such as “Zoological Research”, “Journal of Asian Primates”, “Yunnan Forestry”, and “Forest and Mankind”. 

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