Silk Road

Beautiful night in an old town in Yunnan

Interview With Our Expert – National Geographic Photographer Michael Yamashita

This October, Michael Yamashita will lead a 9-day photography journey on the Silk Road. We caught up with Michael Yamashita to chat about photography tips, his passion for the Silk Road, and the lessons he...
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Dunhuang and the Silk Road

Dunhuang was the western-most fort of the early Tang Dynasty, where the east meets west. Long ago its ancient name meant “beautiful desert oasis”. Many foreign merchants, monks, and officials came here for economic, military,...
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Terracotta Army in Xi'an

Xi’an: Exploring the Past and Present of China

The last three days in Xi’an have flown by! This historic city, which is southwest of Beijing in Shaanxi province, once served as imperial China’s capital as well as the eastern starting point for the...
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