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Today we also didn’t go to the hard-hit areas. Instead, we went to a church called Ganentang (Thanksgiving Church). We took part in their afternoon program there. About 36 Christians were present for the Sunday activity.  We were told that usually there are about 50 worshippers.

Due to the damages from the Sichuan Earthquake, the pastor has temporarily rented a classroom from Huamei Training Institute. Some members doesn’t know the new place. During the program, the pastor spend a bit of time explaining the necessity for all the people alive to pray for those who died during the Sichuan Earthquake.

Towards the end of the program, the church called every believer to donate for the dead. To our surprise, the 36 people there donated 16,930 yuan in total. We were told this is their second donation. Their first donations were used for purchasing water and food, while this donation will mainly be used to buy medicines and medical instruments for the disaster hit-areas.

Sichuan Earthquake - Dispatches from Philip He, our Guide in Sichuan
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Below are some news reported today. I kept their original Chinese text as reference

1. 国务院今天发布公告宣布,为表达全国各族人民对四川汶川大地震遇难同胞的深切哀悼,国务院决定,2008年5月19日至21日为全国哀悼日。
The State Council of China issued a notice stating that May 19 to 21 will be designated as national mourning days for all to express their deep condolences for our countrymen who died during the Wenchuan Earthquake.

国务院公告为表达全国各族人民对四川汶川大地震遇难胞的深切哀悼, 国务院决定, 2008年5月19日至21日为全国哀悼日. 在此期间, 全国和各驻外机构下半旗志哀, 停止公共娱乐活动, 外交部和我国驻外使领馆设立吊唁簿. 5月19日14时28分起, 全国人民默哀3分钟, 届时汽车, 火车, 舰船鸣笛, 防空警报鸣响.
In order to express the deep condolences of all our countrymen who died in the Wenchuan Earthquake, the State Council has declared May 19 to 21 to be national mourning days. During this period, the country and all its overseas offices will lower its flags to half-mast and all public recreational activities will stop. Condolence books will be opened in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Chinese embassies and offices overseas. At 14:28 on May 19, the whole nation will have a 3 minute moment of silence for the victims.  All vehicles, trains, and boats will sound their horns and air-raid sirens will sound during the three minutes.

2. 中国地震局已将汶川地震震级从7.8级修订为8级
China Earthquake Administration has reclassified the Wenchuan Earthquake from 7.8 to 8 in magnitude.

从中国地震局获悉, 在5月12日四川汶川地震发生后, 中国地震台网中心利用国家地震台网的实时观测数据, 速报的震级为里氏7.8级. 随后, 根据国际惯例, 地震专家利用包括全球地震台网内的更多台站资料, 对这次地震的参数进行了详细测定, 据此对震级进行修订, 修订后震级为里氏8.0级.
Based on real-time data from the national earthquake network during the time of the quake, the Chinese Earthquake Network Center reported the May 12th Sichuan Earthquake at 7.8 in magnitude.  However, using data provided by additional earthquake stations including those of the global earthquake networks in accordance the usual international practices, earthquake experts carried out further detailed tests and reclassified the May 12th earthquake at 8.0 in magnitude.

据初步调查统计, 此次地震最大烈度达十一度, 破坏特别严重的地区超过10万平方公里. 受灾最严重的地区是四川, 省北川, 什邡, 绵竹, 汶川, 彭州等地, 灾区涉及四川, 甘肃, 陕西, 重庆, 云南等地.
Based on primary estimates, the intensity of the earthquake reached 11.  Seriously affected area exceeded 100,000 square kilometers. The most seriously affected areas were Beichuan, Shifang, Mianzhu, Wenchuan and Pengzhou of Sichuan Province. The earthquake affected regions included Sichuan, Gansu, Shanxi, Chongqing and Yunnan provinces.

3. 新华网北京5月18日电 (记者于文静) 据国家林业局最新消息: 在汶川地震中, 卧龙保护区内饲养的大熊猫有3只失踪, 包括赠台大熊猫“团团”“圆圆”在内的其余大熊猫情况基本稳定.
According to the latest information from the National Forestry Administration, 3 giant pandas kept at the Wolong Nature Reserve are missing after the earthquake. The remaining pandas including Tuantuan and Yuanyuan, which were chosen as gifts to Taiwan, are in stabilized condition.

据中国 (卧龙) 保护大熊猫研究中心最新报告确认, 在此次地震中, 卧龙保护区管理局有5人死亡, 房舍严重受损, 其中, 32套大熊猫圈舍中有14套全部损毁, 其余严重受损. 保护区饲养的大熊猫尚有3只失踪, 其余情况基本稳定, 集中饲养在简单修复的圈舍中, 但圈舍比较拥挤.
According to the latest report from the China Wolong Giant Panda Research Center, there were 5 deaths at the  Wolong Reserve and apartment buildings were seriously damaged from this earthquake. Of the 32 panda pens, 14 pens are fully damaged and the rest are seriously damaged. Of the captive pandas kept by the center, three are missing. The rest of the pandas are in stable condition. They are kept in pens which have been repaired, but the pens are quite crowded.

另据了解, 17日晚8时, 国家林业局和四川省林业厅紧急调拨的第一批熊猫食品, 药品, 以及保护区内职工急需的帐篷等救援物资, 已绕道送至卧龙自然保护区. 当晚, 第二批救援物资也已启程运往卧龙自然保护区.
As of 8 p.m on May 17th, the first batch of disaster-relief supplies allocated by the National Forestry Administration and Sichuan Provincial Forestry Department, including panda food, medicines as well as tents urgently needed by workers within the reserve have arrived.  The second batch is on its way.

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